How To Tell The Age Of Furniture

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How To Tell The Age Of Furniture – Knowing how to date antique furniture can help you understand the age and history of your antique furniture collection. Hardware styles and manufacturing methods have changed over the years and furniture hardware is full of advice if you know how to care for it. Examine every piece of antique hardware in your furniture for its age.

Take a moment to look at the screws that attach hardware to or secure furniture. Is the slot centered on the screwdriver? Is the screw head centered? Are all screws the same? According to the journal, there are a number of clues that point to the screw’s manufacturing dates:

How To Tell The Age Of Furniture

How To Tell The Age Of Furniture

Nail art has also changed dramatically over the years. If your piece has nails used, look closely at the individual nails. Are they the same size? Is it round or square? You can use the properties of nails to age your appliances and antique furniture. According to the magazine, the style and construction of nails has changed dramatically over the years.

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Antique furniture often includes locks and keys. You will find them especially in antique tables and dressers. According to Popular Mechanics, making a lock and pick or keyhole can help set the date. Signs of hand wrapping, such as jagged edges or a lack of symmetry, indicate older keys. You can also use the following tips for a date.

The style and construction of antique drawer handles offer clues as to the date the hardware was made. According to Antique Trader, drawer pull construction has gone through many different stages over the years. This will help remove antique furniture handles. Look at the texture of the pull, the material it’s made from, and the style.

Another helpful tip comes in the form of a lock style. Many vintage cabinets and wardrobes have latches to keep the doors closed. The journal reports that variations in pigment style can provide information about the age of a piece.

Furniture techniques may have changed during the existence of the antique. This was a common practice in years past, just as today people update their furniture by changing the hardware. If you need to find antique furniture or period-appropriate hardware, original and reproduction options are available.

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There are several types of businesses that carry original equipment for antique furniture and often specialize in it. These include architectural firms, antique hardware stores, and some antique stores. Below are a few of these vendors with real-world locations and an online presence.

In the past, finding original hardware for antique furniture was often a difficult and frustrating experience. However, today there are many excellent suppliers of high-quality replica hardware parts, where every item is precisely designed in every detail, just like in the past:

Hardware offers important clues to dating and identifying antique furniture. You can use furniture identification marks as well as hardware tips to learn more about your valuable antique furniture. I bought this dresser at an estate sale for $35. The old woman I bought it from (probably in her 80’s) said it belonged to her husband’s grandmother who lived to be 102. Does anyone know the period and possibly the cost of this piece?

How To Tell The Age Of Furniture

Here is a link that will tell you what the different pieces of furniture are called and help you identify the piece

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I can’t vouch for this piece, but if what the lady said is true, you’re looking at a Civil War era dresser. So you can get it for as little as $1,500, apparently

Thanks for this information Jean. Wow! If it really was that old, it would be. My guess is that maybe it was the depression period.

See below and back for maker’s mark. It will be much easier to define and give a value.

Thanks for the reply Judy. In fact, there are no manufacturer’s marks anywhere that I can see. I also noticed that the trays are grooved rather than dovetailed (I think that’s the correct term?) if that makes a difference.

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I wish I had an answer for you. My family has a dresser similar to yours, but more ornate. I have a bed (headboard and footboard) as well as a mirror and a chest of drawers.

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Desktop Page | View Mobile Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Contact us 2022-11-27 04:08:55 Created in 1 second. ⛅️️ © 1997-2022 Cumuli, Inc. All rights reserved. https:///Age-and-Value-of-a-Chest-of-Drawers.htmlWhether you are a casual collector or a serious antique furniture enthusiast, it is important to understand what your pieces are worth. Various print guides and online services specialize in finding the value of antique furniture. Using these services allows you to sell or buy furniture for a fair value, insure your personal belongings for a fair amount, or simply to satisfy your curiosity.

How To Tell The Age Of Furniture

If you’re wondering if you’re holding a treasure, here are some tips to help you decide whether you should consult price guides or have a professional furniture appraisal. Some of the most valuable features of antique furniture include:

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You can use a printed antique price guide to help you get an idea of ​​the value of your piece. There are several popular options available at most local bookstores or online bookstores.

You can also get information about the value of your antique furniture by searching online. Several websites provide searchable databases and other useful information.

Although it requires registration, offers it. The information in the database comes from the sale prices of over 750,000 antiques around the world. If you know the manufacturer of your furniture, you are more likely to get an accurate idea of ​​its price.

This is an invaluable art and art auction site and provides free information on the value of items sold on the site. You can browse furniture by manufacturer name or piece type to get an idea of ​​its value.

How To Date Antique Furniture

WorthPoint specializes in the final sale of certain antique furniture and objets d’art. You can use past auction results and discounted prices to assign a value to your item. To view your search results, you must subscribe to the service, which starts at around $10 per month.

While most auction sites do not offer antique appraisals, they do offer a wealth of information. Take a look at current and sold listings to find out how much your furniture could be worth. If possible, check resale values ​​as they offer the best indicator of value.

If you have valuable antique furniture, you can list it separately for insurance purposes. Typically, the insurance value of an antique is the highest retail value for that item. In other words, it is best to insure your antique furniture for the maximum amount it will cost you to replace the item if it is lost or damaged. Typically, insurance companies require you to obtain an official written appraisal from a professional appraiser. This means that you cannot rely on furniture values ​​from printed guidebooks or online search services. Instead, you should look for a certified appraiser in your area.

How To Tell The Age Of Furniture

In addition to the insurance value of your furniture, there are several types of value that you should look for. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the following terms:

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Most of these values ​​are in dollar ranges, not specific figures. When looking at different values ​​for your antique furniture, it’s important to understand that these ranges reflect the condition of the furniture, current market demand, and other important factors that may vary depending on the particular piece or region where it is being sold. .

Consider the following tips when searching for furniture using tools online and at your local bookstore:

If you are interested in researching the value of your antique furniture, you have many tools at your disposal. In addition to the printable guides available at stores and your local library, you can find out the value of your furniture online. In any case, it is important to remember that the values ​​assigned by these sources are informal and do not replace professional judgment. Serial numbers can help identify the manufacturer or the period in which something was made. Try to define; You may be wondering if your furniture has a serial number. We have studied the topic in depth and have the answer for you.

Simply put, most furniture will have some sort of serial number or manufacturer’s mark.

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Now you know your furniture probably has a serial number, but keep reading

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