Indoor Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

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Indoor Bonsai Tree Starter Kit – This Juniper Starter Kit includes our most popular young juniper bonsai trees and all the supplies a beginner or experienced juniper bonsai enthusiast needs.

The pot may vary depending on the purchase situation. Includes treatment information. Restricted to the Eastern Reef. Juniper bonsai trees can vary in shape.

Indoor Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Indoor Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Bonsai success depends on many factors, especially watering and light. Below are some species-specific tips to help keep your bonsai healthy and happy.

Indoor Bonsai Tree Lifespan

Juniper bonsai trees can be trained using the clip-and-grow method or bonsai training wire. Juniper sprouts easily when cut. This feature allows you to remove unwanted branches and allow new shoots to sprout. For wire training, we recommend a wire with a diameter of 1/3 to 1/2 the diameter of the branch. This ensures that the wire is strong enough to hold the branch in the desired position. Pinching the new growth is not recommended because it weakens the branches. Instead, they prefer to cut the back of the plant with scissors to shorten the branches, thin the leaves regularly to let in light and prevent the inner leaves from browning.

Fertilization: Monthly fertilization with bonsai fertilizer is recommended. Time-release granules are the easiest to use and can be added each season. Reduce the amount of fertilizer during the winter. Be careful not to fertilize too much, as this can cause burnt leaves and overstretched legs.

Lighting: Juniper bonsai trees grow best in natural sunlight. Filtered natural light is recommended. If you put it in a sunny place, be careful with watering so that the tree does not dry out.

Temperature Requirements: Juniper is very hardy in all climates, including both hot and cold conditions. Juniper bonsai stays green throughout the four seasons thanks to its evergreen nature. However, it can get dark during the cold winter months.

Bonsai Tree Care Guide For Beginners

Katajabonsai trees require moderate watering. We recommend using a soft spray to soak the soil. Make sure that the bottom of the pot is well drained so that the water reaches the roots and the surface. Keep the juniper moist all the time.

Juniper bonsai trees can be replanted in the spring and fall to increase success. Avoid planting in winter, as it is more difficult for roots to recover when the temperature drops. When replanting, it is a good idea to cut the old roots to promote new growth. After replanting, place the tree in the shade for two to three weeks before returning it to full or partial sun.

Juniper bonsai trees grow best outdoors. In winter, trees can be winterized to protect them from freezing. The Superfly Bonsai Tree Starter Kit contains 3 very popular and common bonsai tree seeds that you can love and grow into the perfect bonsai tree.

Indoor Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Bonsai is an art of patience and you can learn about the tree over time. There is nothing quite like the feeling when a bonsai grows from a seed to a show-ready tree. The process can take years, but if you start from a seed, you can create the tree you want. This kit makes a great gift for beginners who love breeding.

What Is A Bonsai Starter Kit And Are They Worth Trying

The Superfly Bonsai Kit contains Flamboyant Tree (Delonix regia), Sacred Fig (Ficus religiosa) and Purple Orchid Tree (Bauhinia purpurea) seeds. These kits are developed by professional bonsai growers and come with instructions to maximize your chances of success.

Level 1 Kit – This kit includes everything you need to start and grow a bonsai tree, along with detailed instructions. The Level 1 kit includes 3 bonsai tree seeds, a coir biodegradable starter pot, expanded soil, plant labels, bonsai instructions and a quick start guide.

Level 2 Kit – This kit contains everything you need to grow your bonsai for the first 3-5 years. Level 2 kit includes 3 bonsai tree seeds, plastic germination pot, professional germination soil, plastic bonsai practice container, plastic bonsai drip tray, high quality bonsai soil, natural bonsai fertilizer, bonsai instructions and quick start. Includes manual.

Level 3 Kit – This kit contains everything you need to grow bonsai for the first 5-10 years. The Level 3 kit includes all of the Level 2 kit as well as starter wires and a ground bucket. Plastic germination pots have been replaced with reusable 6-piece mini greenhouses, making germinating seeds much easier.

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NOTE: The finished bonsai is not included in the price. This is a set of seeds for growing your own. Extra seeds are provided because not all seeds germinate and grow. This is the nature of nature. Each batch of seeds is tested before delivery and its germination rate is over 80%. Many factors can affect seed failure or cause plants to produce seed. Superfly Bonsai is not responsible if the seeds do not germinate or if the plants die. We take every possible precaution to make our bonsai series a success. To help with seeds that didn’t grow and dead trees, we created a seed exchange package for $6.00 plus shipping so we can try again. If the seeds did not germinate, it could be due to temperature problems.

When building the set, it was very clear that the soil plate was told to add too much water, so I ended up wasting one and had to use my own soil. I then visually checked the other discs for water. No seeds have germinated from this series yet, but they are only a few days old. Otherwise, the package was very nicely packed.

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Indoor Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

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A Beginner’s Guide To Bonsai Trees

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Indoor Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

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Garden Republic Bonsai Seed Starter Kit

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Bonsai Tree Kit Grow 4 Types Of Bonsai Tree From Seed

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