Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight

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Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight – In between the houseplants of the last few years, many indoor gardeners have ended up struggling to keep the pothos alive in order to know more than one plant at a time.

As our houseplant parents gradually form our collection, there is one feature that almost everyone can’t miss in their house – indoor wood.

Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight

Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight

On furniture and in high corners, indoor plants are the best words for indoor plants, like no other decor can do.

Best Indoor Trees That Actually Thrive In Low Light

As plants with deep roots and many years established in their belt, they are also easy to care for – even when it comes to the light required.

There are several potted plants that grow well indoors, and some of them can tolerate low light.

Although most native trees prefer indirect sunlight as much as possible, these plants manage their growth or are not stressed in the dark.

These six plants are ideal if you have a room with only a small window, or if you have used the entire space of your window for bright plants.

Low Light Indoor Plants

There are also a few indoor plants that, no matter how popular or how beautiful they are, should not be planted in rare cases.

Despite the negative impact they face in these situations, they can appear on some of the lower greenhouse names. If you want these 6 plants to be happy and healthy at home, give them as much light as possible.

. Given the location, these trees can grow 6 to 10 feet tall indoors, or even more outdoors.

Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight

Rubber plants fit anywhere with their broad, waxy foliage, either blending in with your houseplants or standing out as a decorative feature. Depending on the variety you choose, these leaves can be dark green, tricolor or almost black.

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Their tropical heritage allows them to thrive indoors, even in low-lying areas. A larger, more productive plant is recommended, as small plants will grow very slowly in low light conditions. When they reach their desired height, they will survive in low light without much problem.

The rubber plants are also laid back, avoiding a little neglect for a while. They like moisture, but will prefer it to dry out a little before the next watering.

) known for its hard-to-kill, perfect for novice gardeners and the forgetful parent to plant. Although they like a lot of sunlight, dragon trees can still thrive in the dark of your home. They will grow a little, but they will grow.

Rainbow is a beautiful addition to any space. Their narrow leaves look like red or purple leaves depending on the variety and add texture to your home.

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These trees are very easy to care for, they only need water when the soil is completely dry.

The only thing that the dragon tree cannot tolerate is cold and dry weather. It is best to keep your dragon tree away from air conditioning or tinted windows, or you will end up with brown or yellowing leaves.

Dragon tree is poisonous to cats and dogs, so keep paws and noses away from them.

Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight

If you want to add this plant to your collection, Sill offers beautiful and large dragon trees.

Houseplants That Don’t Need Sun

) are small trees, but their fan leaves make the brevity. Female palm sits well in the corners with bright, green leaves, easy to fill any empty space.

Once established, the lady palm can be drought tolerant, but don’t abandon this plant too much. They will grow well with regular watering and fertilization. Lady palm needs water as soon as the top layer of soil dries out during spring and summer.

These warm months also require monthly feeding with fruit juice. Female palms do not need to be fertilized during the cold season and they also need less water.

In addition, women’s palms are easy to care for, only need occasional pruning to keep their shape or remove dead leaves.

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) is usually the first one that comes to mind when we think of interior trees. Their history as houseplants dates back to the Victorian era, where they were kept as ornamental houseplants. They have maintained their popularity and are often the main plants for the first time in the greenhouse.

Parlor palms add a touch of summer to any space with their fronds and bamboo-like stems. In addition to the popularity of this wonderful plant is the ease of care.

They quickly adapt to indoor conditions, learn to thrive in low light. Once settled, they will also tolerate some neglect.

Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight

Salon palms are slightly drought sensitive, recover quickly after a few days without water. Like most indoor plants, humidity should be avoided at all costs, or serious damage can occur.

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Salon palms also do not tolerate dry or cold weather, prefer humid, warm. You can easily increase the humidity in your home by using a humidifier. It’s also a good idea to keep your palms away from the cold air, windows, and the heat that creates dry air during the winter.

If you want to add this indoor plant to your home, Sill has a beautiful house for sale here.

It is safe to say that no tree in the house is complete without ficus. Alii Ficus (I.

) or Banana leaf ficus as it is more commonly known, is a new plant for the greenhouse and a must have for ficus collectors.

Indoor Plants That Grow Without Sunlight

Banana leaf ficus has long, sword-like leaves that sprout reddish and eventually turn dark green.

Like other ficuses, the banana leaf ficus adds a warm atmosphere to your home. Its drooping leaves also soften the room while adding texture. This unique plant can be pruned and adjusted to your desired houseplant design.

Alii ficus has less anger than other members of the ficus family. They don’t like to leave their leaves when faced with some bad environment, happy to thrive in low light.

Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight

This plant is only interested in one thing – water. Alii ficus needs a lot of water and constant humidity to thrive.

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Family, long, thin leaves grow from thick stems, such as corn or palm trees. For this reason, they are also called “false dates”.

A wide yellow line running down the middle of the leaf makes it more attractive. Like palms, corn plants drop their leaves down and reveal thick trunks that add to the plant’s attractiveness.

Corn plants are not easy, they need a little light to grow. Too much sunlight will burn the leaves and can stop the growth.

For healthy corn, plant in well-drained soil and keep it moist. They also do best in high humidity environments, but these conditions are easy to replicate using a dehumidifier.

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The only downside to corn plants is that they are poisonous to both cats and dogs, causing serious illness if any part of the plant is eaten.

) is probably the most popular houseplant, rivaling the parlor palm. Their large, dark green violin-like leaves are a great statement piece in any setting, especially indoors.

They complement most interior designs, from bohemian to modern. Fiddle leaf figs grow very quickly and will quickly grow to over six feet tall if properly cared for.

Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight

Fiddle leaf figs are undemanding as long as the light is good. Unfortunately, this means it is not a tree for dark, shady areas, as it needs a lot of indirect light year round to thrive. In rare cases, the leaves will turn yellow and fall, detracting from the bushy, plump appearance of the tree.

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Fiddle leaf figs should be turned every few weeks so that every inch of the plant gets some light. Large leaves also benefit from occasional dusting as they trap a lot of dust.

The birds of paradise are famous not only for their warm environment and beautiful bright flowers, but also for their nature.

It will not work well in low light. They need a lot of direct sunlight for their rapid growth and development. These plants are very thirsty, needing regular watering and humidity.

Banana trees are the best plants for an indoor paradise. Their large, wavy leaves set up a forest better than most, and they can easily fill any empty space in your home. This has made them popular houseplants, even though bananas do not grow well indoors.

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Banana trees need at least six hours of direct sunlight outdoors a day to thrive. The quality of indoor lighting is often not strong enough to ensure the health of these plants. They are very thirsty, need frequent, deep water and high humidity.

You can easily increase the humidity in your home with a humidifier. You can increase the humidity by mulching around the base of the tree. Even if there is light near the window, you may have to move your banana plant outside so that it can get the sun it really needs to bloom.

With its small stems and fallen leaves, this beautiful plant needs a full day of light.

Indoor Trees That Don T Need Sunlight

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