Japanese Bonsai Red Maple Tree

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Japanese Bonsai Red Maple Tree – With the English translation “mosbal”, Kokedama is not just for the poor man. It is a versatile gardening technique that is best suited to minimalist spaces. It’s a great way to spice up your bonsai experience! Kokedama is quite complicated…

Apple Tree Bonsai Tree Apple trees belong to the group of tropical bonsai varieties. This is because the apple tree is native to the American tropics. Also known as Pitch Apple and Monkey Apple, you can expect beautiful white and…

Japanese Bonsai Red Maple Tree

Japanese Bonsai Red Maple Tree

Formal Upright – Chokkan Bonsai style base The tree trunk is perfectly upright and straight with the top of the trunk directly above the base. The branches are regular, and the width and level of the leaves gradually decrease from …

Aqua Fit Red Japanese Maple Bonsai 11

You may have noticed that your juniper bonsai looks a little weathered. The needles look brown and brittle and are no longer as spiky as they used to be. If you suspect your tree is in pain, it’s best to…

Bonsai trees are considered smaller versions of full trees and have become more and more popular over the years. While bonsai trees may look graceful from inside a home or a beautiful Zen garden, they require all…

Bonsai trees are beautiful and attractive to people of all ages and cultures. These are miniature trees that, like ordinary trees, require a lot of care and time to plant. What distinguishes bonsai trees is the way they…

The Japanese gardens that can be found throughout the Land of the Rising Sun were not created overnight. They have been around for a long time, but still shine as before. Continue reading this article to find out more! Japanese language…

How To Care Of Your Maple Bonsai And Not Die Trying

Have you ever been amazed that some people seem to have the most beautiful and oldest bonsai? Often the explanation is that they let nature do the hard work. These trees bloomed wildly for many years, perhaps…

If you’re new to Bonsai, the good news is that there are many ideal Bonsai plants for beginners. Even seasoned hobbyists looking for a good Bonsai gift will do well to remember the basics of Bonsai because… it no longer supports older versions of the web browser to keep user data safe. Please update to the latest version.

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Japanese Bonsai Red Maple Tree

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Red Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds

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HARDY ZONES – Vivid Japanese Maple plants grow best in USDA Planting Zones 5 and 6. Bonsai trees cannot withstand direct sunlight in the summer.

GROWTH – As the tree grows, the red maple leaves change color. They start with a green color, then turn orange, and then end with a deep red color.

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL TREES – Does well in a sunny and airy environment. This is especially amazing in the fall months when the leaves take on beautiful shades of red, gold and orange.

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Japanese Bonsai Red Maple Tree

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Japanese Red Maple At The 42nd Annual Bonsai Exhibit, Sacramento, Ca

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Japanese Bonsai Red Maple Tree

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Japanese maple bonsai (Acer palmatum) are highly valued. A bonsai collection is incomplete without a Japanese maple. Worth emphasizing are the colorful leaves of different varieties (especially in autumn) and interesting growth forms with very delicate branching.

Japanese Bonsai Red Maple Tree

Caring for a Japanese maple bonsai is not difficult. When it comes to bonsai care, it’s important to remember that this species likes places protected from the heat in partial shade in the middle of summer. In winter, the bonsai tree must be protected from drying out its beautiful branches due to a break from the wind (for example, an unheated greenhouse, a plastic tent or a wind-protected corner outside).

Japanese Maple Bonsai

In the cultivation phase, we fertilize the prebonsai Japanese maple with a very nitrogen-rich mineral fertilizer (N-K-P ratio of nutrients 4:1:2 + MgO). So they grow in 5l pots well 0.5-1m per year and develop quickly. Thanks to nitrogen fertilization, the stem and branches quickly become thicker, which is desirable during cultivation. During this phase, from March to September, all organic bonsai fertilizers (e.g. Biogold, Hanagokoro), as well as other horticultural fertilizers such as horn meal, can be generously applied.

Although we use mineral fertilizers ourselves (with an automatic fertilizer dispenser for

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