Japanese Maple Trees For Sale

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Japanese Maple Trees For Sale – The Anoka County Master Gardeners at the Writer’s Guild provide a monthly gardening column for two local newspaper editors.

The Gardener’s Grapevine is published by Quad Community Press with a circulation of 19,265 in Lino Lakes, Forest Lake, Circle Pines, Shoreview, Blaine and Lexington.

Japanese Maple Trees For Sale

Japanese Maple Trees For Sale

Garden Views is published in the Anoka Union with a circulation of 4,400 and in the Blaine-Spring Lake Park Life with a circulation of 16,000.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Years ago, I was drawn to images of Japanese Zen gardens, especially those containing beautiful weeping trees of various colors and heights. After examining these delicate beauties, I realized that the object of my affection was

, Japanese maple. I put aside the dream of having a grace landscape when I realized that in Anoka County, we were outside the tree’s happy place, which is Zone 5-8.

However, a few years ago I had the pleasure of learning about a new species of Japanese maple called Velvet Viking, (

It was developed here in Minnesota from a mature Japanese maple that a landscaper found in a garden in Eden Prairie. Native trees suffer from disease, but provide enough cuttings to make Japanese maples resistant to Minnesota (Zone 4).

Japanese Maples Plant Care| Cedar Rim Nursery

With a semi-dwarf growth habit and a maximum height of three feet, Velvet Viking is perfect for container gardening and is compatible with large or small gardens. My garden is exposed and faces south, so I decided to plant my tree in a large pot. This allows me to move as needed to avoid extreme weather fluctuations, which can create cracks in the bark that lead to canker.

If you choose to go Zen with Velvet Viking Japanese Maple (or other dwarf or semi-dwarf varieties), here are some tips for container success:

If you plant Viking Velvet in the ground, find a sheltered location that is protected from wind, falling ice and excessive sunlight. You can further protect it from winter damage by wrapping the branches with burlap and applying about four inches of mulch around the base. The mulch should not touch the trunk.

Japanese Maple Trees For Sale

Whether you’re keeping a variety of Japanese maples in containers or making Velvet Viking a fixture in your garden, a little extra care and judicious placement will help you enjoy your little piece of zen for years to come.

Bonsai Shojo Japanese Maple Acer Palmatum Amoenum Shojo 5 Rare

Save the date for the Anoka County Master Gardeners Plant Sale, May 17-18 at the Anoka County Fairgrounds. For more information, visit the Japanese maple which is one of the most colorful and unique trees available for your garden. Unlike the regular Japanese maple, the weeping variety grows happily in warm areas. Read on for additional information about Japanese weeping maples.

, of which there are several cultivars. The weeping variety is both soft and flexible, with lacy leaves on branches that bend gracefully to the ground.

The leaves of Japanese weeping maples are deeply differentiated, much more so than normal Japanese maples in their growth habit. Therefore, Japanese weeping maple trees are sometimes called laceafs. Trees rarely exceed 3 m (10 ft).

Most people who plant Japanese weeping maple trees look forward to the fall spectacle. Fall colors can be bright yellows, oranges and reds. Even if you plant a Japanese maple in full shade, the fall colors can be spectacular.

Japanese Maples: How To Plant, Grow And Care For Japanese Maples

You can start growing Japanese weeping maple outdoors unless you live outside the USDA plant hardiness zones.

When you think of Japanese weeping maples, you know that cut leaves are susceptible to heat and wind. To protect them, you want to place the tree in a location that provides afternoon shade and wind protection.

Make sure the site drains well and follow a regular watering schedule until a substantial root system develops. Most laceaf varieties grow slowly but are resistant to pest and disease damage.

Japanese Maple Trees For Sale

Protecting tree roots is part of Japanese weeping maple care. One way to care for the roots is to spread a thick layer of organic mulch over the soil. It also retains moisture and prevents weed growth.

Specialty Japanese Maples — Sunnyside Nursery

When growing Japanese weeping maples, water them regularly, especially in the first few days after transplanting. It’s also a good idea to flood the tree from time to time to leach salt from the soil. It is not compatible with the old version of the web browser to ensure that the user’s data remains safe. Update to the latest version.

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The Best Japanese Maples

HARD ZONE – Live Japanese maple grows best in USDA plant zones 5 and 6. Bonsai trees cannot tolerate direct sunlight in the summer.

GROWTH – As the tree matures, the red border leaves change color. They start out green, then change to orange and end up deep red.

Beautiful Trees – Works well in a sunny, airy environment. It is especially amazing during the autumn months as the leaves turn beautiful reds, golds and oranges.

Japanese Maple Trees For Sale

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Japanese Maple Trees For Sale

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How To Get A Japanese Maple To Thrive In Full Sun

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Japanese Maple Trees For Sale

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