Java Moss Bonsai Tree

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Java Moss Bonsai Tree – I saw this underwater bonsai aquarium when I was on YouTube last year. I switched between backpacking in May 2016 and started my master class in July 2016 and I made some plans to go through time. These hydroponic systems, biological agents, algae, and aquariums all started around that time. This aquarium project is the only surviving project. I discuss this reason in my other blog posts.

In short, I want a moss tree. Fish are not pets, but vectors to send nutrients (waste) into the water column to fertilize algae. I guarded some shrimps and kept the yard and belongings.

Java Moss Bonsai Tree

Java Moss Bonsai Tree

Okay, how do you make moss? I bought moss through eBay. I finished buying it from England. They are only sent one or two weeks by mail.

Junglefowl’s 29g Rescaping

I bought various pebbles from Amazon and I found some stones outside. I buy almost everything on Amazon to be honest. First I had to clean it by boiling it carefully. This guy is scary! I think the gas trapped inside could explode.

These mosses (common names: Java, Natal, Spikey, Flame) are ridiculous. They do not have a root structure so they cannot cling to objects. They are thrown into cracks and then stuck to friction or they just walk in water like tumbleweed. I chose to stick to them (just stick to it). You can see the moss sticking to the rock in the photo above. Moss is distributed in stainless steel mesh and tied with fishing line.

Then I ordered a special stick that was submerged in water and did not release tannins. Mopani driftwood I think? I will check this and post later. It was purchased from eBay and shipped from Singapore! Gosh, don’t you love our interconnected world? I can buy moss from England and attach it to wood from Singapore in one week.

Next, the trees are ready for the aquarium! Still no fish, the fish need a live aquarium and a complete ecosystem of bacteria in the tank to survive. With the plants in the aquarium, the tank is now prepared to arrive after a few weeks. I bought alligator balm and a few ghost shrimp and threw them in the bin!

Aga 2012 Aquascaping Contest: #382

My tree is growing! I will cut through the time and add more moss to the rocks to make the landscape more vivid. I also experimented with different backgrounds and lights

Over time, the algae also began to glow. So I overridden the amount of light in the tank by setting it to backlight, and I added an ivy plant to the filter that captures photons that exceed the backlight. . The vines will absorb extra phosphate and nitrate and hopefully limit algae flowering. It does not support older versions of your web browser to ensure user data remains secure. Please update to the latest version.

Aquarium moss tree – Bonsai Driftwood – LD1 – 10 Inch – Free Shipping – Free Returns – Free Exchange

Java Moss Bonsai Tree

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Marimo Moss Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Do you want to create an atmosphere in the water that goes beyond rocks, plastic and synthetic trees? Are you ready to create a fertile environment for fish and shrimp with perfectly balanced natural elements? Then the Bonsai Driftwood Aquarium Moss Tree will make the perfect addition to your wide display.

Originating from rosewood, this unique element is placed on the rock and helps to balance and condition the water in the tank. Even better, they add a vibrant tone to your tank, along with rocks, grass, plants, air and other natural elements that grow lush and green!

No, this is not a real tree. This is a luxury Bonsai wood handmade by our expert artists. Made from rosewood native to Southeast Asia, then carved into small trees, ideal for aquariums / aquariums.

Of course, our driftwood bonsai is safe for fish and shrimp. To treat driftwood bonsai, you can rinse it in water and put it immediately in the aquarium. If you want to be more careful and do not want to see scratches in the water, soak in warm water (to help the wood drift faster. ) Or soak for 3-4 days. * This method will also help you treat other types of dry wood in the future.

All My Tanks (display And Breeding)

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Java Moss Bonsai Tree

I just received an order on March 9th. I spent $ 120 on this item. And I was very disappointed. I’m so excited for this arrival and it did not live up to my expectations. First, it’s not 12 inches … including when installing broken pieces that go down. The following pieces were broken into one large piece, along with several others. I can not believe it was worth the $ 120 I spent on everything. Very disappointed because I will buy more from this store because the picture looks good but with the long delivery time and then the goods do not match the description … I will not buy anything else. I will contact customer service and revise the review if necessary. I have a photo but I see no option to add it.

Bonsai Tree Moss Tree

It was intended to go to a 36-gallon community tank, but when the 10-gallon Betta-only tank began to crash, he moved to a larger tank, and now this is where the old shrimp playground lives. They love it!

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Java Moss Bonsai Tree

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The Most Popular Types Of Moss For The Aquarium

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