Large Ficus Tree For Sale

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Large Ficus Tree For Sale – Theory: The cultivar Ficus benjamina ‘Wintergreen’ is characterized by yellowish-green foliage that gives it a glossy appearance. Otherwise, this tree is everything plant lovers appreciate about figs. Even indoors, this tree can grow up to 10 feet tall and makes a statement when used as a design element in interior design. Winter green weeping figs are relatively easy to care for and only require lots of bright, indirect sunlight and moderate watering.

Please note that it is very normal for this plant to drop its leaves in transit. After adapting to the new environment, it sheds new leaves.

Large Ficus Tree For Sale

Large Ficus Tree For Sale

Ficus, which belongs to the fig family, is a very popular and attractive plant. A plant with hundreds of species attracts the attention of many. However, very little can be found in cultivation. They come from many tropical regions, especially America, Asia and Africa.

Ficus Microcarpa Hillii

Some ficuses, known by many names, are also called figs, which bear popular and beautiful fruits.

Other common names are Ficus Benjamina (plant variety) and weeping fig. Inside your home, ficus can be a great example of a plant that is rich in fresh foliage. However, in order for the plant to bloom all year round, you must follow some special care regimes.

People will often have problems when it comes to caring for the weeping ficus plant. These plants are not very cold hardy and respond to freezing conditions by dropping their leaves.

Not to mention they won’t fit well if you move them around too much. Not only are they vulnerable to pests and infestations, but their tropical environment means that if you want to grow them indoors, you need to provide them with a certain environment.

Mature Ficus Tree For Sale

The plant generally requires bright light; However, this does not mean that they will benefit from placing them in direct sunlight. The only plants that can tolerate direct sunlight are adapted plants. Therefore, you need to make sure that they receive high intensity light, but not direct sunlight. Light is extremely important for this plant to reduce leaf loss in its new home. If you don’t have a bright enough place, try Ficus benjamina ‘Danielle’, which can tolerate worse light conditions.

The watering requirement when keeping ficus indoors varies with the season. For example, it needs less watering in winter than in summer. In addition, since the plant comes from a tropical environment, it needs a lot of moisture to grow.

Therefore, if your indoor climate is too dry, your plant may suffer. You will need to resort to misting and watering to keep the humidity high to keep the plant healthy. Also, remember to check the soil after watering the plant and make sure the roots are not drying out.

Large Ficus Tree For Sale

Ficus needs very fertile and nutrient-rich soil. Along with that, it also requires good drainage of the pot. Be careful not to use overly acidic potting soil and use potting mix.

Ficus Altissima Yellow Gem (rubber Plant)

When feeding your ficus, slow release pellets can work well at the beginning of the growing season. They have fast growth, which means that you can use their feeding in spring and summer. This also means you can slow down fertilizing in cold weather.

In addition to being susceptible to ticks, whiteflies and other insects, they also react poorly to even the slightest changes in conditions. Any stress will cause leaf loss, so you need to be thorough and precise when caring for this plant.

Pruning ficus trees is important. It keeps the plant in good condition and in some cases prevents it from leaving the indoor space.

It is better to cut this plant in winter. This is the time when the plant is not actively growing. When pruning, cut a few inches from the node to maximize germination success.

Ficus Varieties [my Collection] — Lya Solis

Air layering is the preferred method of ficus propagation. With this method, you need to wrap the stem in moist moss to encourage root growth.

When you provide the ficus with suitable conditions and a healthy environment, it will easily outgrow your house, let alone a pot.

Remember that this plant is a shallow tree in its natural habitat. Repotting every other year can help slow the plant’s growth and keep it at a manageable size.

Large Ficus Tree For Sale

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Benjamina Ficus Wicker Tree is a staple indoor/outdoor houseplant. Also known as the weeping fig, Benjamin’s glossy, deep green leaves, which are dense and can be molded into a variety of shapes, also make it versatile. You can easily cut or cut the benjamin into any shape you want.

And owning it couldn’t be easier. We carefully knit the trunk before shipping, so it’s already ready to grow and look amazing when it arrives at your door. Its gray, visually interesting bark is the perfect contrast to the bright green leaves. This gives you a versatile, adaptable plant that is reliable and elegant.

In essence, you are reaping the rewards of our hard work. Brighter Blooms offers versatility and simplicity with a large proven collection of high quality plants. We’ve been shipping plants direct to consumers from our South Carolina nursery for over a decade and have served over a million happy customers and counting. We are the experts when it comes to taking care of your plants, getting them ready for shipping and making sure they get to you happy and healthy.

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How To Care For Ficus Plants

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WONDERFUL It was higher than I expected but my fault. I did not ask for a smaller tree. lol It’s perfect and my chameleon comet is in love!

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Large Ficus Tree For Sale

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I absolutely love the item. it arrived in excellent condition, even though the box was returned by the shipping company. The mud was in the container and 90 percent of the leaves on the tree were still there. I was concerned about the green color on the bark, but the seller responded immediately and confirmed that the tree was healthy. Great fast service from an experienced seller. This is definitely a store I plan to use again.

The plant arrived healthy and undamaged. The packaging was very good for shipping. I will order again from this seller.

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Large Ficus Tree For Sale

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