Lavender Bonsai Tree

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Live Bonsai Tree Grewia Caffra 6″ Purple Flower in Bonsai Pot Lavender Star Tree Unique Gift

Lavender Bonsai Tree

Lavender Bonsai Tree

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Artificial Bonsai Tree

Vibrant Bonsai Tree Grewia caffra 6″ In Bonsai Pot, Purple Flowers Also Called Lavender Tree, House Warming Gift. Great Holiday Gift.

Our kindergarten was founded in 2002. Our goal is to educate people about bonsai trees and bring peace to people’s lives. We pride ourselves on our quality trees and pottery line!

We do not currently ship plants to Canada or outside the United States. Only ceramic. Sorry!

A native of South Africa, Grewia caffra can be grown in all 50 states by bringing it indoors before temperatures drop below 40 degrees and providing plenty of light. Grewia roots do not like to be wet and will rot if left to sit in water for too long. When watering, be sure to soak the soil thoroughly and water again when the top 2 inches are dry. Depending on light conditions, location and foliar watering is required weekly or daily.

Lavender Star, Very Excited To Start Working With It, Any Ideas?

Indoor light – A bright, sunny window location with southern exposure is best for growth and flower production. Grewia Bonsai trees prefer bright light and direct sunlight. If possible, 12 hours of sunlight is best for growing. It is recommended to fertilize with an 8-3-9 time-release fertilizer.

We use Priority Mail shipping and First Class Mail shipping depends on the size and weight of the plant. Priority mail usually takes 2-3 business days to arrive (mostly 2 days) for live plant we recommend priority mail. First Class Mail shipping takes 2-7 business days to arrive (usually 3 days). We ship to AK and Hi with the same shipping rate.

The order will be processed and shipped within 48 hours of receiving payment. We try our best to ship orders on the same day of purchase. We generally ship Monday through Wednesday. Thursday-Saturday we have to take care of our kindergarten. If you need it sooner, please let us know.

Lavender Bonsai Tree

In cold weather, when the temperature drops below 40 degrees, a heat pack is recommended for your pack. The heat pack will stay warm with the plants in your pack for 72 hours. Please select Heat Pack in the Control section if the temperature in your area is below 40 degrees.

Bonsai Tree In Container Stock Image. Image Of Container

If you have any questions or problems with the plants you received, please contact us and we will respond promptly.

We would be happy to customize your order or if you are having trouble finding a specific plant, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

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Lavender Star Bonsai Tree (no. 21813)

Yes, we will refund any shipping excesses we find after packing and weighing. Due to the different sizes and weights of our products, multiple items in a basket will be calculated per box for each item, greatly increasing shipping.

Before you buy, you can contact us for a better quote! We are happy to use FedEx or UPS when requested.

If you believe your order is eligible for an excess refund and you have not received it, please allow us until the end of the month before we kindly remind you. We do bulk refund in one session for all branded orders.

Lavender Bonsai Tree

Inside the package should be a business card-sized cautionary note! If you open your package from the labeled side, it should be on your order along with the receipt or gift note. Contact us if you have any maintenance questions!

Reviewing The Lego Botanical Collection

If you order online, you can request a PDF file of our mini care cards to cut

If you are not sure what to do with our peanuts, we encourage customers to try this website:

Please note whether your pot has drainage holes or not! Without a drainage hole, the plant will have to be watered carefully, but still well. It is better to water in small portions at the time of watering, so that the plant is not overwatered.

For bonsai, our traditional trees will always have drainage holes. You can run it under a hose or faucet for a few minutes. Wet the tree as if you were completely submerging the pot!

Juniper Bonsai Trees And Bonsai Tree Store

It is always best to feel the moisture before watering the soil! You can use your finger, chopsticks or a moisture meter. Dream every day!

Mini Jade can be brought in in a sunny window. Jade is succulent and likes to dry out between waterings!

Fig trees are very good, they should be near a window, but not directly in one. We have several species available; Nerifolia, tiger bark, oriental and ginseng.

Lavender Bonsai Tree

Chinese elms are good indoors, but are semi-deciduous. Be sure to keep it moist and store it in a window.

Bonsai Tree Care: The Basics On How To Grow Bonsai

**For grow lights, consider what Lux or Lumen a species would need and how far the light is from the tree.

Technically all plants are poisonous to animals, including us. The level of toxicity depends on how much is ingested and depending on the plant, it will cause stomach upset.

Please do your research before you buy! Toxicity may depend on the size of the animal and the amount consumed.

Plants such as yew, desert roses and peace lilies are quite poisonous and should be avoided if you have children or pets that enjoy green snacks.

Bonsai Tree Care

It is always best to catch any problem before it is too late. There will always be signs of a problem before it becomes irreversible. If more than 50% of the tree has been turned, scrape the trunk and branches to see if there is still green under the bark.

Fertilize with a slow release pellet high in Nitrogen (number one). We recommend the Osmocote brand.

We have decided it is not necessary and will refund the $3. If you see that more than a week has passed since the delivery and you have not received a refund; Please don’t hesitate to send me a message. We will gladly refund the amount!

Lavender Bonsai Tree

Soil that does not retain water for too long will be perfect for the Monar Tree. We mix small lava rocks into regular potting soil to drain.

This Is My Not Bonsai: A Lavender Seedling That Barely Survived His First Few Months Of Life. Put Him In A Bonsai Pot, Though, And He Looks Like A Little Tree.

Our small plants usually come in a pot without drainage holes. Please water carefully and remember this.

If there are pools of water on top, you will need to remove them and make sure the soil is not oversaturated. If after watering it feels very heavy and the soil seems very wet, you have watered too much and may need to take measures to prevent root rot.

After receiving your prebonsai, please wait about a week before replanting. This will give the tree time to recover from the stress of shipping and adjust to its new environment!

Please note that our trees can be grown in plastic pots for some time and they can dry out very quickly if the roots get attached.

How To Care For A Lavender Tree (& Train Your Own)

For a finished bonsai, planting should be done only when the roots are set. If you can’t get your finger into the substrate, it’s time to replant!

If you are local, bring your tree, we offer replanting and potting at our nursery!

Sometimes the USPS will not update the tracking until the delivery date. Unfortunately, this means that we are left in the dark during the entire traffic.

Lavender Bonsai Tree

You can contact us and let us know if you have any problem. You can also refer to the FAQ below for plant health concerns.

These Lavender Bonsai Trees

If they arrive injured, please send a picture as soon as you message them. From there we can help more!

Bonsai Live Tree Mini Green Jade 7″ Potted Bonsai, Indoor or Outdoor Succulent, Unique Home Party or Birthday Gift.

We received our bonsai cherry tree and the shipment was great, even though the postman delivered it on its side, all the leaves still had flowers!

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Lavender Star Flower Bonsai Tree

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