Magnolia Tree Bonsai

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Japanese magnolias, graceful and delicate and a sight to behold in bloom, we finally have some inventory.

Magnolia Tree Bonsai

Magnolia Tree Bonsai

Interestingly, the Japanese magnolia (Magnolia Kobus) is a hardy tree that can withstand outdoor temperatures of up to 10° Celsius. It is a deciduous tree and drops its leaves in the fall to return the next spring stronger and more impressive. This bonsai can be pruned aggressively as long as it is done after the flowers have fallen.

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These are not seeds – but real bonsai trees Please see our Bonsai Selection page for ages and dimensions relating to our different bonsai stages (baby, young and mature).

Bonsai soil is usually a mixture of organic compost (pine bark or forest floor), Akadama, pumice stone, lava rock in varying amounts.

It is important that the soil holds water well and also drains well, along with excellent aeration. The quality of the soil directly affects the health, size and growth of your tree. One of the worst things you can do to your tree is to plant it in regular garden soil. Garden soil hardens when it dries out and can often lead to disadvantages when planting bonsai.

Soil mix can be purchased here, but due to weight and shipping costs, you can easily make your own.

How To Keep Bonsai Tree Leaves Small

If you can’t check your Bonsai’s moisture level daily, add more Akadama to the mix.

One of the best and easiest ways to fertilize your bonsai is to add a liquid fertilizer mix when watering your bonsai once a month during spring/summer. If your bonsai loses its leaves in winter, there is no need to fertilize it. If you have conifers, fertilizing the tree once in early winter and once in mid-winter should be sufficient.

When I had any questions, customer service responded quickly with helpful tips and advice on caring for my new bonsai

Magnolia Tree Bonsai

It’s a tree that I discover and that I love particulier. Everything was perfect! The bonsai is in perfect condition and excellent quality 🫶🏽

How To Care For Your Bonsai Tree

Il a de très belles racines aériennes, mais il n’a pas aimé le changement de température du transport malgré qu’il faisait 15°, des nouvelles feuilles ont poussées ce qui augure bien 🤞While most bonsai enthusiasts in our country stop transplanting and now we uproot and prune deciduous bonsai, we in cold upstate New York still dance with the tree moving in and out, every day, to avoid frost and frost. We are still messing around and have more than a month before we can even think about pulling bonsai leaves. In fact, we are expecting SNOW tonight and tomorrow.

Friends often ask why I live here. A lot of my friends are around, they’re pretty centrally located for visitors, it’s the home of the US National Bonsai Show (still coming), and if you buy one of my bonsai, you know it’s going to be durable. in most cases. Earth.

Thanks to the long winter, we learned to appreciate early spring flowering bonsai, a sign of a fresh new growing season where we have another season to enjoy and a chance to improve our bonsai. So basically anything that blooms in late winter and early spring means that “real” spring isn’t too far away and hopefully it will be more than a few days before warm weather arrives. Forsythia and Bradford pears are still blooming today.

Magnolias make great bonsai, but are rarely seen, probably because they are only interesting when they bloom for a few weeks and don’t look good because of the large foliage. Well, as well as some other species such as cherry, winter hazel, elm, and they are also not often seen.

Vintage Table Jade Glass Bonsai Tree Flower Asian Cherry Blossom Magnolia

I happen to love the beauty of Magnolia bonsai with different flower sizes, different colors from white to pink to red and even yellow. Fuzzy buds are also very attractive.

The Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition in Tokyo, which also won the Kokufu Prize and the People’s Choice Award. It is absolutely beautiful with large dark purple buds. I was really impressed and thought it might be fun to try creating a cascading Magnolia bonsai.

I was plant shopping in South Carolina in March 2019 and stopped at Lowe’s to see what they had in the nursery area. I wasn’t surprised to see magnolias for sale, but I was amazed to find a specimen with a rather unusual stem shape that could be trained into a cascading style with a bit of wire. I bought it, took it to Rochester and made some cuttings, grafted them and transferred them to a training pot for future development. It grew last season and the wire was removed before cutting the beautiful white bark. Of course, the tree didn’t keep the desired shape all the time, so it had to be replanted this week. But before the wiring, I want to enjoy the growing flowers. I enjoy playing with this tree.

Magnolia Tree Bonsai

We also have a Magnolia star tree in the garden. It was originally edited about 15 years ago by one of my students who worked in a local horticulture business. When they closed I was lucky enough to buy an 8 foot tall tree and with the help of my friends transplanted it to our garden. That was about 20 years ago. Since planting, Diane has taken on the annual task of maintaining a compact shape to preserve the beauty of the tree. Please note that magnolias bloom in early spring and are usually hit by frost before they display their flowers. We had a warm early March but a cold April and we actually thought we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fragrant flowers this year. The April weather took its toll on the tree, but it still bloomed! And it’s the best display we’ve had in 20 years.

How Often Should You Water A Bonsai Tree?

If you like Magnolia bonsai and want to learn how to train and grow it, see 2007/NO. 1 issue of International BONSAI magazine on “Spring Flowering Bonsai”, featuring two articles on how to train magnolias and many other great photos of spring bonsai.

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