My Bonsai Is Losing Leaves

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My Bonsai Is Losing Leaves – Hello everyone, I need help with bonsai care. I bought bonsai in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I kept the plant inside. I tried to store it in different parts of my apartment but to no avail. There is enough light – it is a little dry during the day because the house is quite close and there is not much fresh air, so I have installed a window for some direct air, but it is still the same.

Leaves break very quickly. About 10-15 leaves fall every day. I water it carefully, until it is almost dry. Since a few days new leaves have been appearing and they are just appearing. I’ve had enough of broken and empty looking trees

My Bonsai Is Losing Leaves

My Bonsai Is Losing Leaves

It, hum, Please find a home for you bonsai club. It might look better outside if the lights are dimmed. But I would like a local farmer to recommend you.

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Are you cloudy? My indoor plants and trees, I mist every day, to prevent the dryness inside. Just take any water that comes into the house, put clean water in it*, put it on a good sprayer and spray everywhere. I think it makes a huge difference and my plants are doing better.

Ficus can easily lose their leaves when they are moved and/or the conditions are not suitable for them, but they are also easy to grow back. It only takes a minute to register.

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I am a bonsai beginner; I bought a 15 year old tea plant 2 weeks ago. It started losing a few leaves every day since then. I keep it near a window and keep the soil moist. Today I turned 180 degrees and noticed that the side facing the window looked healthier. Small white flowers bloomed 5 days ago.

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Any clue as to why the leaves are dropping and is it natural or does it look like the plant is not doing very well?

My father-in-law taught me that bonsai needs three things to be happy: sunlight, water and wind. The problem with keeping bonsai in the house is harmful when it comes to those three things.

People’s perception of bonsai has been disturbed because of the media they see images or pictures of bonsai in it. Bonsai can be displayed indoors, but it is usually done for a short time. For example, when you have a guest and you want to show your tree, but it has to be taken out.

My Bonsai Is Losing Leaves

As for hardiness, my father-in-law’s attitude is that if it can’t stand the heat or live in the snow, the tree won’t be strong enough to live for a few lives. . Maybe you should be more careful in taking care of your plants, I know that some people spray their plants, but the way is to put them in a cold box or a greenhouse outside. Do not bring it inside for the winter.

Are Bonsai Trees Evergreen?

Second in terms of environmental issues, I am concerned about root rot, which can happen when a bonsai is kept indoors because the sap is slower inside and can get wet. dirty for a long time. Although, after two weeks I suspect that this is not the case here.

The plant appears to have flowers. This tells me that the tree was very healthy until recently. Usually when the plant is shocked or dead, it will not try to produce flowers at the same time as the leaves drop.

My advice is to take it outside where it gets plenty of sunlight and follow a regular watering routine. I suggest to put it in a partially shaded place because you can burn it from the center directly out in the sun.

Hopefully the leaves will stop falling and stay in their new position. I don’t expect the leaves to start growing again until early fall. Spring and Autumn are usually two flowering periods and if a plant is stunted it will not usually produce large leaves again except during one of these periods.

Japanese Maple Bonsai Care

If the leaves fall when brought indoors, it is not a normal change of season. It may be a damage problem. The second seems to be a heat problem.

Your bonsai is tropical, and should be “green” (I know the type, but can’t remember the name). There will be no ‘autumn’. In the house there can be problems with “spiders”. These aphids are like animals, and live in them, and we in our houses. It dies outdoors, in wet, cold weather. They cling to any sugar source and grow organically. When enough time shows itself as a little white “dust” on the screen and sometimes as threads.

Another possibility is heat. This type is often “shocked” in the UK due to the temperature difference. It will also knock its leaves. It should be warmed up, as well as in a more humid environment than the normal house.

My Bonsai Is Losing Leaves

Our exterior is wetter, but cooler. So, species of tropical Asia are threatened by cold and cold and cold.

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To make it better, I recommend an outdoor greenhouse for this type, and a watering system. In very cold conditions use wool to cover.

I also recommend that bonsai is a detailed and accurate art to practice, and in addition to ‘acceptable education’ you must be able to evaluate things with integrity, and improve your technique according to the environment you are in. work on it.

If you’re looking for any kind of interior, I’d always recommend ficus and ulmus parvifolia (fig/bark and Chinese elm) above all else.

I also recommend that you treat the bonsai outdoors, if possible, with suitable UK varieties. Japanese maple (acer palmatum), reclaimed Chinese elm (the most tolerant species), all pines, and any UK species you can find on your five (field maple, birch, ash are all good bets).

How To Get Rid Of Mold On A Bonsai Tree

From the pictures, I think you take good care of the soil, so you are right about the lack of sun. Let us know where you live and we may be able to give you a better answer if your weather conditions are reasonable.

Maybe you should replant. I have a Cussonia seed with a broken leaf. It looks like the roots are too big and there is no room to soak up the water. Repotting, along with cutting off the large roots, helped my bonsai to revive.

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My Bonsai Is Losing Leaves

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I recently got this beautiful bonsai and I water it until the soil is wet almost every day. But recently the leaves started to fall and these white spots appeared. Why is this happening and what can I do? It was given to me for my birthday (August 25) but it just started happening. Any help is appreciated! thanks

This is an elm bonsai and as mentioned in an answer I gave to another question, this is the time of year when all your elms fall because they fall. So this is normal for this time of year and hopefully your tree will be leafless before the end of Autumn/Fall.

There may be another problem here if you keep the plant indoors all the time and water it too much. I’m not sure if it’s the white or the skin, but whatever, if you put the plant in the house and there’s too much humidity, there will be problems.

If you keep it inside, it should be outside. In case you have a lot of snow during the winter, you can store it in a container with a glass cover to keep the plant cool. If you have already stopped, I suggest you review my other question about breastfeeding. Don’t forget that your plant needs to be watered from time to time even when it is dormant.

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If you find dirt, rot, or disease, I suggest you wash the leaves under the tree, which can provide a place for anything on it to hide. Especially at this time of year when the leaves fall.

Personally, regardless of the problem, I prepare the plant for the winter because you will lose all your leaves. Make sure it’s your tree

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