Palm Tree Leaves Drying Out

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Palm fronds are the perfect addition to a tropical or beach themed wedding and are featured in everything from the wedding stationery to the bridal bouquet and even the cake. Recently, florists include dates in dried form. Once completely dry, the palm fronds take on a completely different personality, becoming more sculpted, smooth, weathered and textured.

Palm Tree Leaves Drying Out

Palm Tree Leaves Drying Out

Once the palms are fully dried, the bright green fades to softer, desaturated tones of mint, sage, taupe and tobacco, giving the florals a lovely aged, earthy patina. Dried palms are a beautiful addition to celebrations in “blank canvas” locations with lighter palettes and surfaces – think stone walls, industrial concrete or arid deserts.

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Use dried palm leaves to add drama to your ceremony, or ask your florist to add them to your bouquet for a unique texture; add them to your dinner table arrangement or highlight them on their own in a bud pocket.

Dried, prickly fan palms are a sculptural addition to a peach-shaped bouquet of garden roses and rhododendrons. Preserved palm leaves are painted a soft mint green.

Flower arch not your style? If your wedding aesthetic is more MoMA than the Met, we love the idea of ​​a modern, statement ceremony backdrop for your vows. This dramatic display from Hawthorn Flower Studio is made from dozens of palm fronds that have been dried before being stitched together.

Photo by KATE DRENNAN; Event planning by butcher, baker, stylist and creative; Floral design by Rose + Bud

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Instead of a traditional wedding arch, the couple opted to exchange their vows in front of a gorgeous tree decorated with garlands of baby’s breath, white flowers and dried palm leaves. The floral design remained sympathetic to the surrounding natural landscape, while reflecting the themes of “planting seeds and growing roots” woven into the vows.

Playful, modernist authenticity inspired your rooftop sunset ceremony. The space is depicted for a satisfying mix of textures and desert colors against a background of dried palm blossoms, tender grasses and dried flowers.

This sculptural bouquet is perfect for fall. It features autumn leaves, cappuccino roses, phalaenopsis orchids, chocolate cosmos and dry sago palm leaves, which fade from fresh, pale green to a lime, almost mustard yellow.

Palm Tree Leaves Drying Out

Tying the knot on the beach? Mark the ceremony venue with a stunning arbor made entirely of dried palm fronds. Sculpted palm fronds make for a perfect breezy look for a seaside ceremony.

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Photo by Briana Mary; Event Planning Activities by Tessa Lyn; Floral design by Floral Design for the best day

A neutral color scheme doesn’t have to be monotonous or boring. These floral table runners feature a dazzling mix of orchids, dusty roses, white anthuriums and pink dried sun palms for a calm and dark aesthetic. “The mood was dreamy and romantic, but easy with a touch of boho chic,” recalls the bride.

Photo by Bianca Wallace; Courtney Tibbet’s “After the Break” event planning; floral design by Walden Floral LA; Cake from Over The Rainbow Desserts

Strong, modern minimalism with a touch of Palm Springs. The two-tiered white wedding cake was decorated with limited touches of dried palm leaves and birds of paradise. (And the inside was just as delicious with the mix of fresh berries and vanilla!)

Drying Out Palm Leaves Stock Photo. Image Of Plants

Boho, take note: This wild, sculptural bouquet by British florist Georgia Westwood is made entirely from dried materials, including straw flowers, palm fronds, wheat and lunaria. Bonus: since everything in the bouquet is dried, it will last forever in your home.

Imagine saying “I do” in front of an oversized sacred tree made of dried palm leaves. The charming composition also includes tufts of smoky and creamy astilbes, which add just the right amount of softness and romance.

Add an unexpected touch to your dining table centerpieces with a few preserved fan palms. Here, the patina of dried palm leaves perfectly complements the vintage color palette of the flowers, which include Queen Anne’s lace, scabiosa, smokebush and garden roses.

Palm Tree Leaves Drying Out

Photo by Bianca Wallace; Courtney Tibbet’s “After the Break” event planning; Floral design by Walden Floral LA

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Things seriously heat up with this tropical bouquet of white anthurium, giant monstera leaves and dried dates. We love that the colors are kept neutral (and minimal) for an intentional and elevated look.

Inspired by earthy tones, whiskey and warm lighting, this is a relaxed yet elevated wedding theme. Dried palm fronds, textured pampas grass and oversized caramel roses created a lovely delicate garden for the wedding ceremony.

This copper structure hosted a lively display of hanging woven discs, dried palms, pampas grass and wedding signs to create a stunning photo backdrop. We love the warmth that comes from this collection of tones and textures that create a golden (and photogenic!) glow.

Photo by Alex Lasota; Event Planning by GaryAnn Hedquist of Tin Sparrow Events; floral design by Simplified Celebrations; A custom neon sign from MKNEON

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In a subtle, natural palette of ivories, champagnes, creams and yellows, this flower wall is pure elegance. Add bleached dried fan leaves and sun palms to continue the theme, while still having sharp textures and a decidedly boho feel. Do not forget the special neon sign with the name of the newlyweds, which adds to the coolness.

A wooden pergola is given a lush, feminine feel with dusty roses, thick pampas and dried palm fronds. A red panel and plush blanket complete this romantic altar, lovingly created by the bride’s father.

A modern, bohemian theme meets the tropics as guests dine under a stunning canopy of pale green amaranth, baby’s breath and dried palm fronds. The washed out neutral color palette just oozes beach holiday.

Palm Tree Leaves Drying Out

Photo by Jana Williams; Event planning and design by RO & Co. Events; Floral design by Of the Flowers

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It’s not luxury without the retro charm of Palm Springs. This dessert table was accented with a rose gold ring hanging arrangement decorated with white flowers, ferns and dried palm fronds – painted gold, of course!

Covered in spicy shades of red, ruby ​​and ginger, the flowers are accented with pale pink anthurium and organic delicate dried palm. Abandoning the traditional train, the bride tore up the idea by adding 60 inches of amber ribbon to the bouquet for a “sense of flow.”

Dried palm fronds and pampas grass are two elements of wedding decorations that you just can’t get enough of. This statement wedding arch has both an ultra-modern gradient effect.

We submit this midpoint under declarative simplicity. The architectural display of dried palm fronds and birds of paradise is the epitome of elevated, tropical modernity.

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Feminine flowers or a super wedding arch would be completely out of place in this ancient Guatemalan temple. A stunning arrangement of dried palm fronds, native flowers, pink anthuriums and candle lights created a compassionate backdrop for the ceremony while maintaining the sacred nature of the space.

A centerpiece of large monstera leaves, palm fronds and dried spear palms served as the ceremony and photo backdrop for this mid-century inspired wedding. To be honest, we cannot fully use the combination of fresh and dried leaves.

This centerpiece will definitely not go unnoticed as it also features a cocktail icon. The sweet arrangement is overflowing with native forage flowers, fuzzy pampas grass, dried palm fronds and anthuriums.

Palm Tree Leaves Drying Out

We’ve seen a lot of chuppahs, but none as tropical as this beauty. A mix of tropical foliage, saturated flowers, pampas grass and fresh and dried palm fronds decorate this stunning look.

Ways To Use Dried Palm Leaves In Your Wedding Décor

A Hawaiian wedding with a Costa Rican influence is more than just a bar. This station plays with all the joys of the tropics with bold prints, local foliage, fresh fruit, bright colors and dried pink desert sun palms.

To decorate the entrance of the ceremony area, turn the tables with a bow and mark the bride’s career instead of the altar. This stunner features a natural blend of marigold wreaths, playa blanca roses, pampas grass, horned roses and dried palm fronds.

This gorgeous boho color scheme is so subtle it could be an Instagram filter. Pink, dried desert palms, small branches of green, hairy pampas and roses in shades of pink, yellow and ivory are very soft and romantic.

Photo by Anna Jones; Event Planning by Allison Joseph and Kathy Pincus by Bob Gale Events; Floral design by Holly Flora

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Equal parts coastal and bohemian – and totally statement – ​​this chuppah is one for the books. Covered in pastel florals and a sea-based texture of dried palm fronds, grasses, pampas and baby’s breath, the stunning design blends in effortlessly with the coastal backdrop outside.

Photo by Clarkie Photography; Event Planning, Heather Freedman of Delmar Events; Golden Poppy Events Project by Sarah Beveridge; Floral design by Walden Floral

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Palm Tree Leaves Drying Out

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