Pink Frog Lego Bonsai Tree

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Pink Frog Lego Bonsai Tree – Bonsai, or ‘dish planting’, originated in Japan in the 6th century as a variation of the Chinese practice of penjing, the art of depicting trees and the world in miniature form.

Some 1500 years later, LEGO expanded its product portfolio with the addition of 10281 Bonsai Tree 878, which joins 10280 Flower Bouquet in the new botanical collection.

Pink Frog Lego Bonsai Tree

Pink Frog Lego Bonsai Tree

ABS miniature trees are just as expensive as real trees, but after the first planting, they are easier to care for!

Review: 10281 Bonsai Tree

The shallow container in which the tree will stand is 12×16 and has a pivot in the center that allows the trunk to be placed at an angle.

Travel. The 2 curved pieces used for the branches are new in brown for this series. It was first used for the limbs of 43179 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Four a’s are provided and, as they are connected to the trunk with an ax, they can be easily rotated or adjusted to give the tree different shapes.

Created by Nick Vas, whose ‘calling card’ is frogs. There is chocolate at the top of the tree and more elsewhere, you will see below.

Lego Creator Expert Bonsai Tree 2021

Once the wood is attached, the loam beads can be placed in the vase — 200 1×1 round sheets in four colors.

Now you have the option to build green leaves or white and pink ones. The three larger subsets are constructed in the same way, although individual leaves can be inserted randomly. This is connected to the main branch of the tree using a Technic axle, which gives the possibility to rotate it in a pleasant position.

The white/pink leaf is constructed in the same way, but uses two small numbers of limb elements instead of the larger ones used above.

Pink Frog Lego Bonsai Tree

Because of the way the assembly is connected to the stem, it is very easy to switch between green and pink leaves.

Review: Lego 10311 Orchid (2022 Botanical Collection)

The green version looks good. There is a good balance between the arch of the stem and the stem of the leaves, which from my limited understanding, is what bonsai growers are trying to achieve.

One thing I wonder about: leaf color. In the introduction to the instructions it is said that ‘little children are darker in colour’, shown here using elements of light green limbs and green ‘plants w/plates’. However, with all the trees and shrubs I plant, the opposite is true: young seedlings are lighter than established ones. Perhaps some reading bonsai experts can advise if different in this regard.

These are normal limbs and leaves but as I said above there is the possibility to move everything around to create new shapes.

I’m not entirely sure about using a frog to represent the petals. I know they’re signed by Nick Vas, but they look like too many frogs for a nearby tree.

Modifying The Bonsai Tree

I think they are very cute and can be a conversation piece, but I think I prefer the pink flower heads.

I really appreciate that LEGO is willing to go out on a limb (tree) and create a new set like this. It’s not for everyone, and for the price you can buy real wood, but that’s not the point. I hope it will sell well and the botanical collection will continue to grow in the years to come.

It doesn’t have any game weight but that doesn’t matter because it will look great anywhere it’s displayed and from a distance it looks like real wood. Place it on your desk at work (while you’re there) and fool your co-workers!

Pink Frog Lego Bonsai Tree

My room is still full of Christmas decorations right now, so I can’t take ‘lifestyle’ photos, but I will when they come down.

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It launches on Friday and is available on as well as on Amazon from the looks of it which is good news for those of us in the UK who currently don’t get fast delivery from LEGO. Virtual roundtable interview with LEGO® Botanical Collection 10280 Bonsai Tree creator Nicolaas Vás (aka @PrinceGalidor) and Senior Design Manager Jamie Berard with Jay’s Brick Blog, the Brothers Brick, the Rambling Brick and Block Magazine. We each had 8 minutes to ask our questions, so what follows is a small excerpt from our conversation (made for readability and clarity). We sent our pre-interview questions to Nick and Jamie and they came back with some very insightful answers. Be sure to check out our other stores for more information.

New Elementary: The pink frog in the set as well as your own bonsai creations have inspired many crazy flowering classic trees in the AFOL community, are there any that catch your eye?

Nick: There was a tree I saw online from a Japanese builder and he covered the whole tree at a LEGO® Friends event and it was great to see that he really understood what this product was about.

We know you love the Frog element, is it something you’ve decided to add to the set?

Lego 10281 Bonsai Tree From The Botanical Collection [review]

Nick: I have a little story of humiliation that I want to tell you: I don’t put frogs in my LEGO sets. I don’t know how many sets use them but I have a list somewhere… I really like to include little animals, because I loved receiving those cute little parts when I was little. Sometimes it is difficult to justify the introduction of animals into a farm, car or boat because it is not about a particular animal. So I have a tendency to use small, unadorned animals that can easily be read as something else. And I personally believe that using pieces as something other than what they were originally intended to be is a fundamental feature of LEGO games. So that little, chubby, fuzzy frog, in my mind, makes it the perfect LEGO piece. And yes, I hope it lasts forever.

My two favorite things are useless trivia and LEGO frogs. Today I’m combining this passion with a #LEGO Bricklist collection I created featuring frogs! — Nick Vás (@PrinceGalidor) October 22, 2020

Out of your usual bonsai found in the back of the instruction manual, are there any favorites?

Pink Frog Lego Bonsai Tree

Nick: I mean, I’d have to say I love all my creations equally but I think my favorite is the Pohatukawa tree, because it goes back to the first BIONICLE bag I had as a kid. I really appreciate the opportunity to pay a little tribute to him.

Lego Creator Expert Bonsai Tree 10281 (878 Pieces)

Some of my other favorites are splitting a brick, or an octopus… or lots of bananas: it’s fun. Spiders are also very good; which works at a distance but has a completely wrong effect up close.

In addition to your usual bonsai, you’ve shared some trees you’ve created before 10281 Bonsai Tree on Twitter. They are completely different from what ends up with real smoke. Is the final product the same as the original model?

Nick: Basically the same idea: you have a tree, a pot, a container and soil. But in many other ways it is completely different. I think with the many different builds I go through, I design from scratch and try again: what if it’s smaller or bigger? And once I started working officially, I started to grow so much that I already had so much research out of my system that I knew, “Okay, this is what works and what doesn’t work. so here I am really need to focus on making the final version.” And at the same time, it’s really exciting to be able to use all the new elements available, like ‘maxaroni’ and even juicy color changes. some too!

Well, New Elementary always appreciates new colors, so thanks for that! So this ‘maxaroni’ as you call it, part [Brick Round 1 x 1 diameter Tube with 45 Degree Elbow (2 x 2 x 1) and Hollow Axle] 65473 comes to the set in 2020 and is found in only four sets, with Tree Bonsai introduces a color change to Brown Reddish. Maybe you won’t use it in the previous model, but is there any discussion about the potential of the set?

Besides Looking Cool On Your Shelf, This Lego Bonsai Tree Won’t Ever Die

Nick: When I started working on this series, I was researching woodworking using maxaroni just to see how we could do this kind of thing. And from this we decided that it would be better to focus on the more familiar System path. But in general, since its creation

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