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Plant City Bonsai – As a reminder: we do not advertise. This is not a price-driven thing. Everything you see here or on social media is because we liked it and we think you will too. Blogging is our hobby because we love to celebrate the people and places of North Georgia through stories and photos. So, if you have the time and like what you learned, please share so we can all celebrate North Georgia and the state’s small businesses.

If you’ve ever driven from the Atlanta area to the mountains of North Georgia, chances are you’ve passed Plant City Bonsai. If you’ve ever stopped by, you already know how special this place is. But if you’ve never been or heard of them, we want to tell you about this amazing small business and its owners.

Plant City Bonsai

Plant City Bonsai

I’ve been coming to North Georgia for over 20 years, and I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve driven past Plant City Bonsai without stopping. I lived in Gwinnett for 10 years, hiked Raven Cliff Falls and Blood Mountain for years, and passed their nursery many times. But I came back from Atlanta a few weeks ago and decided to go home because it was a nice spring day and time to kill. I don’t know why I stopped, but I finally pulled over and went inside and chatted with one of the owners, Sandy.

Our Trip To Plant City Bonsai…..

Sandy was great as I asked random questions and wandered through the greenhouses and gardens admiring all their bonsai. I told Sandy about my wife’s love of plants and trees, and how I wanted to buy another houseplant for her collection. Sandy finishes her morning watering routine and walks around offering all kinds of information about the hundreds of options available to them. Although I had never really thought about buying a bonsai, I knew that a bonsai was what I wanted Alex to receive as a gift. But the more Sandy said, the more I realized I didn’t know what Alex really wanted. So when Sandy said they were doing a workshop, I jumped at the chance to bring her back for our first meeting in over a year because of the COVID crisis.

What started as a random way home I turned to arrange a workshop for both of us the next day. And I’m so glad I did.

I returned the next day and met Sandy’s husband Steve and their staff. The workshop lasted over 2 hours, although we ended up spending about 4 hours sitting and talking with the other workshop participants and Steve and Sandy after the class!

Each of us chooses a small tree that we made during class. We chose small brooms and while listening to the instructor explain the origin of bonsai, some general concepts and information about the chosen trees, we got to work.

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Maybe because of the lack of knowledge about bonsai, I thought it was very difficult and difficult to do. I was under the impression that bonsai was only for people who knew a lot about trees or only knew about plants. And while Alex knows about plants and trees, I’m ignorant and inexperienced. But the workshop and the work are not easier and easier to try.

Along with our instructors, Steve and Sandy, we strongly encourage you to do what makes you happy. So while there are ‘rules’ for bonsai, the most important thing is to find a tree that you like and build it to your liking. There is no such thing as “good” or “bad” outside of the racing world, and it’s not on our radar for obvious reasons.

During the workshop, we learned how to thin a tree, how to choose which branches to cut or prune, how to “hollow” a part of the trunk, tie, planting and transplanting, soil structure, irrigation. and many more. It’s amazing that we covered so much work in just 2 hours, but we learned so much! And the best thing is that we were able to bring with us two new bonsai brooms!

Plant City Bonsai

After the workshop, we had the opportunity to speak with Steve and observe his work. He has had a small bonsai business for over 30 years, first in Gainesville and now in Clermont (between Gainesville and Cleveland). As someone who has been practicing his craft for a long time, Steve has become an expert in the art of bonsai. Plant City Bonsai not only has a strong local and regional customer base, but customers travel from all over to visit their store and nursery. Steve and Sandy maintain a very popular YouTube channel where they share their passion for bonsai around the world. This makes their small business one of the largest bonsai nurseries in the South.

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They have two large greenhouses for their outdoor bonsai, a small greenhouse for indoor tropical trees, and several outdoor yards to house the larger, older and “full” pieces. Some of their trees are over a century old!

From Steve’s vast knowledge, to Sandy’s kindness and hospitality to customers, to the many staff at the master workshops, Plant City Bonsai is an amazing experience.

As small business owners, we know it can be hard to “get it right,” but in our experience, it’s as good as they get. Maybe it was the beautiful spring weather when we visited and it was probably the first time in a year that we got out of the house without our little one playing, but here are some of the best weather we’ve had in a hot minute. . We learn, get our hands dirty and create live art with inspiring, passionate people.

As a small business owner, it’s not easy to find creative ways to stay open and survive in a challenging year. But Steve and Sandy survived, as always. Through hard work and a passion for what they do, they came out on the other side stronger than ever.

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We hope you will consider checking them out on their website or following them on Facebook. Please, whatever you do, be sure to stop to see them when you go up in the mountains. On the way back from trout fishing…Steve and I had a nice chat, and browse around for a while. I bought some three-branched maples before the bonsai to play with in the spring… Yes, I know it will take a lot of time and work, but it’s worth it…. Just a little, and I learned before I spend a lot on a. A few pictures of my new tree and other things including a nice brook trout I caught today. I have a great time with the child.

Good trout! Which river did you fish? I live near the Soque. There’s a whale in it! Rainbow.

The trunk looks like it’s going to be curly…it doesn’t hurt to practice your horticultural skills before doing something bigger. Have fun!

Plant City Bonsai

I’m glad you had fun with the boy…good news for me. I don’t know who said it… but that’s how it goes. I think that sums up your fishing trip…

Bonsai Tree Growing In Urban Setting Stock Image

Edit: Sorry…I had to say this, guys…girls love to fish. When I was young, I spent many days with a row of hands.

Smith Creek above Helen…. The harvest has been long since it started on November 1st… We don’t keep it at all, it’s a lot of trouble washing and cooking. Adair knows someone in front of the Soque….Do you want to fish….? Most of the water is private and has a fishing fee.

Darlene… Only cutting to 2 to 3 inches this spring… Time to read Smoke’s blog… Lots of good information on TM.

Ted Turner sold many Soque figures. I know some who are raw, but I never asked them to go fishing. There are some public areas where you can fish. Go on a weekend.

Picked Up This Juniper And Redwood This Weekend At Plant City Bonsai. I’m Actually Quite Proud With The Styling On The Juniper 🙂

Adair…I knew Ted bought a large paper a few years ago…I’m not sure if he still has it. Just thought I’d ask.

Sorce…I’ll keep it handy if needed, but I’ve never tried an air mattress before so this is worth a try.

I just saw a new video from Steve….What’s interesting is his discussion of costs

Plant City Bonsai

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