Purple Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

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Purple Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree – If you have looked at bonsai trees online, you may have seen the wide variety of colors available for sale. Usually, bonsai trees are green, which is the most common variant shown in the media or used by people who make bonsai trees. One of the most fascinating colors to buy online is blue, so are blue bonsai really real?

Unfortunately, blue bonsai trees do not exist and all the photos you have seen are photoshopped. Some sites sell blue bonsai seeds, but they are selling you a lie and when the leaves start to sprout they will most likely be green.

Purple Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

Purple Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

The real magic of bonsai is not the color of the leaves, it is the meditative process that goes hand in hand with growing and shaping the tree. Bonsai should not be bought just for their aesthetic appeal, but because you want to find inner peace through an art form. This means that there are many different colored bonsai available, blue is not an option.

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You will find several sites that indicate that they have blue bonsai for sale and if you are tempted to buy them, you will be very disappointed. It is worth noting that bonsai seeds are not the real thing. Bonsai is the name of the art form, not the name of the tree or its seeds. The most common type of tree used in bonsai is the Japanese maple (Acer Palmatum) or the three-toothed maple (Acer Buergerianum).

If you search for bonsai, you will see that they are called bonsai. This is to make them easy to search for and for buyers to easily identify which trees are suitable for bonsai life. The actual name of the tree does not contain the word bonsai. This is simply a name for an art form, therefore the term blue bonsai seeds cannot be legitimate.

Sellers who try to convince you that they have blue bonsai, blue bonsai or blue Japanese maple seeds are scammers. Be wary of dealing with anyone who tries to claim they have them, even if it’s from reputable sellers. It is very easy to photograph normal bonsai to appear blue or any number of colors, including bonsai with multi-colored leaves.

Unfortunately, blue bonsai do not exist. The seller who claims to have the trees is using photoshopped images. For sellers who claim to have blue bonsai seeds, the seeds may be dyed to look that way. When the trees leaf out, they will probably be a normal green color.

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There are a variety of different colored bonsai trees you can buy. Unfortunately blue is not an option, but there is still a nice range available. If you want to try bonsai but want to use a tree with a different leaf color, a departure from the normal green, there are many options for you. Available colors vary from purple and pink to red and white, and the color of the leaves can change throughout the year.

For a bonsai that has pink, red or white foliage, you might want to consider an azalea bonsai tree. By adding this color shade to your bonsai collection, you will find that azalea bonsai are truly special. They are considered a prized possession among many bonsai collectors.

Although the tree is named after the French naval admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville, it has very little to do with France. The leaves of this tree are purple-pink in color, which makes it stand out among bonsai.

Purple Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

You can’t get more Japanese in aesthetics than cherry blossom. Known for its dazzling pink leaves, the cherry blossom bonsai is a great way to bring Japan into your home.

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The perfect starter bonsai tree actually comes in purple and green. Some of the Japanese maples have fuchsia purple leaves.

Most bonsai will have green leaves, so if you want a different color, look for bonsai with the above names. Some bonsai also have flowers or fruits, and these can have a wide range of colors. Of all the colors available, no bonsai leaf is blue.

Bonsai is meant to be a living art form because all the trees are alive. To thrive, they need to be cared for regularly and treated with love and care. Over time, the leaves on your bonsai can change color.

It changes color with the seasons, with autumn being one of the most beautiful seasons for bonsai. Owners will begin to notice a change in color during the fall as winter begins to approach. Deciduous trees cannot protect their leaves from freezing in the winter months.

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree Care Guide (acer Palmatum)

Because their leaves contain valuable nutrients, deciduous trees shed their leaves to redistribute the nutrients. The nutrient that makes leaves look green is called chlorophyll. In spring and summer, the leaves have enough chlorophyll, so the leaves are usually green.

As the tree begins to redistribute nutrients, chlorophyll production is drastically reduced, leading to a change in the color pigment in the leaves. When the chlorophyll breaks down, other colors in the leaves begin to gain importance, which is why the leaves begin to turn red, orange or yellow in the fall.

Bonsai are no different and their leaves will also change color and eventually fall off. This is what makes autumn so exciting for bonsai owners, as their living art literally changes as the season progresses. When the leaves start to grow back, they will turn green again and the whole process will repeat itself every year.

Purple Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

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Purple Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

Feng Shui and Bonsai are intricately linked to ancient Asian lifestyles and beliefs. Although the practice of Feng Shui is attributed to the Chinese, while the art of Bonsai was developed by the Japanese, there are many more… Be the first to know about new inventory and new releases. Don’t miss new bonsai, pre-bonsai, tools, accessories and sales.

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai For Sale

The majestic Japanese red maple is considered the king of bonsai. It is an elaborate and luxurious growth composed of small, colorful ornamental leaves. Make the tree easy to grow and impressive at maturity.

Spring 2022 Update: Our young Japanese maples have just started budding and as such we cannot risk shipping them at this time as the young buds are susceptible to frost damage. All Japanese Maple orders will begin shipping in April-May 2022.

Small flowers give way to red leaves that turn purple later in summer and fall. When the leaves fall, they reveal a reddish-black trunk, which is very striking.

Both hardy and tender, this purple-leaved all-rounder is one of the most common and abundant as a bonsai.

Classic Specimen Japanese Maple (acer Bonsai) Tree

This green-leaved tree looks impressive and compact, with thicker, textured leaves that are slightly wavy. Its slow growth makes it an ideal bonsai material. In summer, the leaves develop an orange border. Come to autumn, where it is

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