Purple Palm Flores Bonsai Chinese Fan Evergreen Tree

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Purple Palm Flores Bonsai Chinese Fan Evergreen Tree – . All green trees have white flowers that are very decorative, but again, when we want to grow them at high altitudes and in cold weather, it will be very difficult.

Without a doubt, we are dealing with one of the most difficult bonsai to maintain. But don’t worry: Follow the instructions below, and you can enjoy your Serissa for many years.

Purple Palm Flores Bonsai Chinese Fan Evergreen Tree

Purple Palm Flores Bonsai Chinese Fan Evergreen Tree

Before talking about serissa as a bonsai, it is important to know the different types, because this way we will know its characteristics, and we will know how to take good care of it when working as a bonsai. Hello, let’s go:

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, known as the thousand star tree, is an evergreen tree from Southeast Asia that can reach a height of 60 centimeters. Its small leaves are dark brown or different (with yellow edges), and the plant is easy to control. we want to start in the art of bonsai with a model of the type, from, in the summer you can enjoy the beautiful flowers.

But it is clear that there are species that live in tropical countries or small places, and if we live in a very cold place, we need to take care of it in a house or in a warm place in those months. Of course, the rest of the year must be spent abroad, otherwise there will be no good progress, and it will probably be lost before next spring.

Of course, there are many things we can do to make our bonsai look good all year round. Name:

For Serissa should be placed in a protected display. If it is in the house, choose the best room.

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Keep the substrate slightly moist, especially in summer, but not too much water as it affects the amount of water. It is watered with rainwater or with a low pH (between 4 and 6).

Water should be well drained; that is, it must be removed and filtered, so that the roots are healthy. If this does not happen, problems can easily arise. Therefore, it is highly recommended to mix 80% diamond and 20% yuzuna or dove.

We use a special fertilizer for bonsai (buy here!), according to the recommendations indicated on the package, from spring to summer. This will ensure good growth and survival.

Purple Palm Flores Bonsai Chinese Fan Evergreen Tree

It can be cut all year round, because most of the work is to keep the shape. To do this, it is enough to let 4 to 8 leaves grow and cut 2-4.

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However, both effects should be done in winter, when the minimum temperature is above 15º. Also remove the branches that come out from under the head, if you don’t want to include them in the drawing.

Most of them grow slowly, so they need to be changed every 3 years. This is done in summer, when the minimum temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

Also, it is important to mention that if you buy your bonsai from a special place (like a supermarket), the quality of the equipment is very low.

If you find during watering that it is difficult to drain the water, or if you find that the soil is heavy and soft, it is better to remove it and add something new, like this mixture: 70% academic + 30% kiruzuna. It should be done in the spring, to go through the transition without any problems.

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There are many problems that arise when you get this bonsai, so we will explain their reasons and tell you what the answer is:

When a plant’s leaves turn yellow, regardless of the condition, it can be caused by one of the following:

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Purple Palm Flores Bonsai Chinese Fan Evergreen Tree

All articles: Garden » Garden » Bonsai » Serissa phoetida bonsai, how to care? Spring is the time of year when you spend more time in your garden than anywhere else in your home. The warmth of the sun, the fresh air of summer, the sound of birds chirping all around, what’s not to like about this time of year.

How To Care For Serissa Phoetida Bonsai

Now is the perfect time to get busy and garden. In this article, we will explain the most important steps that every home owner must complete in order to plan a solar garden.

Your garden is probably where you spend most of your time during the summer, so it’s important to have it ready for use before the summer starts. To do this, you need to do a few things:

Weeds are a real pain in any garden, but you can get rid of them with a weed killer. This is not a word that many people know, but it is something that is done in many gardens every summer. If your soil is moist, there are many weeds growing in your garden. Because weeds are not only a nuisance, they also take nutrients from your garden plants, making them look bad. To weed your lawn, you need to use a lawn mower supplier or you can buy a lawn mower.

If you want to have fun in your garden this summer, you need to take care of your garden. Well-grown farms may look good, but if you don’t take good care of them, they will look bad in a matter of weeks. In order to properly mow the lawn, you first need to know what type of lawn you have. If in doubt, you can buy a reference book at your local garden store.

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Another way to say it is to look for big, green spaces. If you want good results from your garden, you need to prune at the right time. You should prune when there is 10% growth left. If you don’t know what time it is, you can use daylight saving time to make sure you get the right height every time. You can also use a thermometer to make sure it is 58 degrees Fahrenheit before cutting.

If you have beautiful flowers growing in your garden this spring, they look better and more colorful than when they were planted. If you want your garden to be beautiful all year round, you should consider rejuvenating your flowers before they die. If you don’t know how to do this, you can buy a book at your local store or you can use an app on your phone. If you want your flowers to grow in the coming year, you should follow some steps:

If you have weeds in your garden that have grown old over the years, or if you have an area of ​​land that you want to turn into green grass, you should consider growing grass seeds. If you want your lawn to grow well, you need to choose the right seeds.

Purple Palm Flores Bonsai Chinese Fan Evergreen Tree

There are a few things to consider, such as your local climate, soil type, and the type of grass you have. There is a lot to do in your garden before it is ready for summer. By taking some time each week to make sure your garden is in good condition, you can enjoy your garden for a long time.

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Having the right tools is important when preparing your garden for those warmer months. Before you start your project make sure all your farming equipment is in good working order. The last thing you want is to spend some time on a Sunday when you realize your laptop isn’t working and worse, all the stores are closed!

It’s also important to make sure you have garden care products on tap. Now that we all use remedies to help the garden get that perfect look it might be a good idea to apply the product beforehand. Hydra Int is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of garden care products and offers products to help you look after your garden this year.

A garden shed is a small, inexpensive structure that can be used in many ways. Often used as a shed or studio,

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