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Real Ficus Tree Near Me – Ficus species are sometimes called figs. You can find them in many different textures and heights, but figs are among the most popular indoor trees. To keep your ficus from getting tall and spindly, give it medium to bright light and water it when the top inch of soil is dry. Most can be trimmed to keep them plump, but be careful not to let their milky juice drip when cutting. Don’t worry too much if your tree sheds a few leaves when you first bring it home. Ficuses often lose their leaves when they are moved to a new location, but new leaves should appear soon.

A close relative of the fig, ficus trees are native to the tropics and enjoy a long history of ornamental and even religious significance: the famous tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment was believed to belong to the genus Ficus!

Real Ficus Tree Near Me

Real Ficus Tree Near Me

Ficus makes this list of 7 designer-approved indoor plants. Check out our tips on how to keep these plants lush and beautiful.

Nearly Natural 5210 Ficus Silk Tree, 7 Feet, Green

Although ficus are relatively easy to grow, they have some special needs that you should be aware of. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering growing ficus as a houseplant.

Ficuses love strong, indirect sunlight, and lots of it. Your plant will enjoy being outside in the summer, but keep the plant out of direct sunlight unless it is used to it. In the winter, keep the plant out of drafts and don’t leave it in a room that drops below 55-60 degrees F.

Ficus plants need consistent but moderate watering during the growing season, with dry periods in winter. Make sure the soil is just moist, not dry or waterlogged, all the time, but reduce watering in winter. Your plant will likely lose its leaves during the winter “dry” period. Ficuses that are located on the stretch are especially sensitive to excessive and insufficient watering. Foliar misting can provide additional moisture during dry periods, with less risk of root rot. Well-draining soil is essential for maintaining healthy plants.

Ficuses grow quickly and can easily become too large for your home if you repot them often. Limit repotting every other year to keep your plant’s growth under control!

Outsunny 4.75ft Artificial Ficus Silk Tree Banyan Plant Faux Decorative Tree With 756 Leaves, Nursery Pot For Indoor Outdoor Décor

Ficus can be susceptible to pests, such as mites and aphids, and is prone to shedding leaves if not watered regularly. Prune your plant regularly, monitor the soil and regularly check the leaves for insects to ensure a long and healthy life!

Although there are hundreds of species in the genus Ficus, only a few represent the majority of indoor plants. In particular, decide whether you want trailing or woody ficus. With their small leaves and long, drooping branches, trailing varieties look attractive in hanging containers. Tree species will grow in small bushes inside the house.

Ficus benjamina, or mourning fig, is known for shedding its leaves and is usually easy to grow – as long as you don’t move it. Ficus prefers to stay put. In fact, the seemingly simple and harmless act of moving from one corner of a room to another, or even a few feet for that matter, can cause leaf loss.

Real Ficus Tree Near Me

So give the plant a permanent place in your home, ideally one that receives moderate to bright light. Water only when the soil starts to dry. Spray often, every day if possible. Once a month, wipe the dust off the leaves with a damp cloth.

Fejka Artificial Potted Plant, Weeping Fig, 8 ¼

Like many other tropical plants, ficus like this colorful selection prefers to be tied in a container, so transplant it only when its roots take up more than three-quarters of the space in the container. Repot only in spring, placing in a container no more than two inches in diameter larger than the previous container.

Excessive watering and drafts from heating and cooling vents and poorly insulated windows and doors can cause leaf drop. And actually, a natural gas leak could also be the cause. Ficus benjamina is like the canary in the coal mine, so if it sheds its leaves and you smell gas, call the gas company.

However, regardless of these problems, ficus is an excellent houseplant and loves to spend time outside from late spring to early fall. The bad news is that it tends to lose its leaves, but the good news is that they tend to grow back quickly.

Ficus lyrata is a very popular houseplant that can grow up to 6 feet or more. Like Ficus benjamina, the three most important things in growing a fig tree are location, location…and location. This West African native hates drafts, so place it in a location that isn’t directly in line with an exterior door, a drafty window, or near a vent.

Claude Ficus Tree Potted

Water the fig once a week or every 10 days. The best way to kill a fig is to overwater or not provide adequate drainage. Dust the leaves every month to protect against spider mites and other pests.

Grow an olive tree indoors and let it spend the summer holidays outside. If your climate is warm, you can even plant it in your garden.

These exotic tropical plants are easy to grow if you give them what they need, and they make young bromeliads that you can share with your gardening friends.

Real Ficus Tree Near Me

A healthy vegetable garden can be grown indoors all year round. Find out which edible species grow indoors and get tips on planting, as well as finding the right space and lighting.

Costco Is Selling Full Size Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees For $29

Packed with nutrients, microgreens add a strong vegetable or herb flavor to dishes, but can be expensive to buy at the grocery store. Fortunately, they are very easy to grow from seed at home and can be grown all year round indoors regardless of the climate.

Whether it’s your grown-up houseplants or starting seedlings, check out these lighting options for growing your houseplants.

These strange plants do not need soil, but they cannot live only in air. Here’s what you need to know to keep them healthy.

Find out what marimo moss balls are, how to grow them, where to buy them and, best of all, why you need them in your life.

Ficus Lyrata Standard Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

New and seasoned gardeners alike will love this easy, green wall mural project from Hilton Carter’s latest book, Wild Creations: Inspiring Projects to Create, plus plant care tips and ideas for styling your wild interior.

Starting seeds indoors in the winter helps you achieve your gardening goals in the spring and summer. Starting from seed can also save you money in the long run and, regardless of your age, is a great way to learn how plants grow. It no longer supports older versions of your web browser to ensure the security of user data. Update to the latest version.

Braided Ficus Tree Benjamina is the quintessential houseplant for indoor and outdoor spaces. Also known as a fig, Benjamin’s glossy, dark green leaves, which are thick and can be molded into a variety of shapes, also make it versatile. You can easily cut or carve the benjamin into the desired shape.

Real Ficus Tree Near Me

And it couldn’t be easier to own. We meticulously weave the trunk before shipping, so it’s ready to grow and looks great when it arrives at your door. Its gray, visually interesting bark is a perfect contrast to the bright green leaves. So you get a versatile, adaptable plant that is reliable and elegant.

Artificial Bamboo Or Ficus Tree In Plastic Pot, Assorted, 6.5 Ft

Basically, you are reaping the fruits of our labor. Brighter Blooms offers flexibility and ease with a large, proven collection of high quality plants. We’ve been shipping plants direct to consumers from our South Carolina nursery for over a decade and have served over a million happy customers and growing. When it comes to taking care of plants, getting them ready for shipping and making sure they arrive at your location happy and healthy, we’re the experts.

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Ficus Benjamina Weeping Fig Tree

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