Sweet Gum Bonsai From Seed

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Sweet Gum Bonsai From Seed – Liquidambar bonsai is related to autumn color. Many American Liquidambari cultivars are designed to produce a variety of fall foliage colors, from buttery yellow to orange and red to deep burgundy. The Asian species has not been hybridized as such, but in autumn its leaves show a variety of yellow, orange and red colors. Unlike Japanese maples, they produce reliable fall color in warm climates.

Liquidambar or sweet gum tree is a living fossil. Liquidambar trees were abundant on Earth until the last Ice Age, but are now reduced to four species with a restricted range. Four species of Liquidambar Acalcyna and Liquidambar Formosiana (Cold Liquidambar and Chinese Liquidambar, native to China and Southeast Asia and not often found in the West) and two species are used for bonsai: Liquidambar Styraciflua (Eastern American sweetgum US Q) and Liquidambar. orientalis (Asian sweet gum or Turkish sweet gum).

Sweet Gum Bonsai From Seed

Sweet Gum Bonsai From Seed

Both species used for bonsai are hardy growers and will shed buds and suckers without encouragement. In fact, American Liquidambar grows so large that one tree destroyed a house after the main trunk was cut to the ground. The root system continued to live and send suckers through the house’s foundation until the house became unstable.

Liquidambar Styraciflua Red Sweet Gum Bonsai Tree Rare

There are three ways to get Liquidambar for bonsai: 1) Buy from a nursery. Liquidambars are widely used as landscaping and ornamental trees, and as mentioned above, there are many distinct varieties with distinct fall foliage color. They come in large container sizes, so the thickness of the trunk of what you buy is only limited by your ability to carry it home. 2) Grow one from seed. Liquidambars produce seeds that bear many fruits, so the seeds are easy to collect and germinate easily. In fact, this is the easiest way to plant a forest or forest in bonsai. 3) Collect the root sucker. Liquidambars have a very active and aggressive root system and quickly form suckers. If you find a nice clump and pull it from the ground by its roots, then you have a bonsai.

Grow it to the desired thickness, then prune the trunk in early spring. You can grow your liquid in the ground or in a tub, but don’t leave it in the ground for too long. As mentioned above, if this tree grows in the wrong place, it can be really dangerous. After all, you can dig up your tree and put in live roots, and within a few years you could have a real problem. Liquidambar (especially American Liquidambar) responds well to trunk running.

Liquidambars are good starters because they don’t care about soil or drainage and won’t move for long. However, like all bonsai, they should be planted in good bonsai soil. A preferred composition is 60% aggregate to 40% organic matter. Aggregates can be crushed granite, agricultural pumice, peat or diatomaceous earth, or fired clay pellets such as akadama, orchid pellets, or some automotive spill absorbent. Additional fertilization with a fertilizer designed for broadleaf trees or shrubs will encourage vigorous growth.

Liquidambars should be transplanted before coming out of dormancy. Due to their strong growth habit, they can be cut with a strong root without fear.

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Liquidambars can be pruned at almost any time during the growing season. Use very sharp shears on new growth to avoid crushing or tearing the branch. If you do not want new shoots to appear in the same place, make each shoot one or two pairs of leaves. Problems with new growth are based on existing leaves, but do not reduce growth as the branch may die, especially with Asian Liquidambar. When the buds first appear, you should not wire Liquidambar, because they are easily knocked off the tree. Either wire the tree before it sprouts, or wait until it is fully leafed out and the new growth hardens. Large branches do not bend easily, they must be shaped by cutting.

A formal leafy upright is a natural style for American Liquidambar, but it also works as an informal, semi-cascading, twin or multi-trunked upright and is especially suited to woodland or woodland styles. Asian Liquidambar is more suitable for informal styles, but also makes an excellent woodland or forester.

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Sweet Gum Bonsai From Seed

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Sweet Gum Bonsai From Seed

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Liquidambar styraciflua, commonly called American gum, sweet gum, sweet gum, sweet gum, is a deciduous tree native to the eastern temperate regions of North America and the tropical highlands of Mexico and Central America. Sweetgum is one of the most valuable forest trees of the southeastern United States and is a popular ornamental tree in temperate climates. It is known for its combination of five-pointed star-shaped leaves and hard, clustered fruits. Liquidambar styraciflua is a medium to large tree that grows from 10 to 15 meters in cultivation and up to 46 meters in the wild. It is also a popular choice for bonsai artists.

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