Trees That Need Little Sunlight

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Trees That Need Little Sunlight – In the indoor craze of recent years, many home gardeners have graduated from the struggle to keep a single pothos alive to controlling several plants at once.

As we parents slowly build up our collection, there is one feature that not everyone can forget in their home: indoor wood.

Trees That Need Little Sunlight

Trees That Need Little Sunlight

Dominant furniture and high corners without other decorations, the house tree is the main house plant.

Yellow Flowering Trees And Shrubs For Your Garden

As established plants with deep root systems and several years behind them, they are also easy to care for, even in light conditions.

There are several potted plants that grow well indoors and some of them can tolerate light conditions.

Although most trees like indirect sunlight as much as possible, these plants maintain their growth or show no symptoms in the darkest corners.

If you only have a small windowless room or you’ve run out of space near a bright window for a subtle plant, these six trees are ideal.

Low Light Indoor Plants

There are also a number of indoor plants that, no matter how popular or beautiful they are, should not be grown in any light conditions.

They can even appear on the list of indoor plants, despite the negative effects they face in such situations. If you want these six trees to be happy and healthy at home, give them as much light as possible.

. Given the space, these trees can grow anywhere from 6 to 10 feet tall indoors and even taller outdoors.

Trees That Need Little Sunlight

The rubber plant is suitable for any location, with its broad, waxy leaves blending into the interior forest or standing out as a focal point. Depending on the variety you choose, these leaves can be bright green, tricolor, or almost black.

Money Tree Plant Care

Their tropical heritage allows them to thrive indoors, even in low living conditions. It is recommended to buy larger and stronger trees, as small rubber plants will grow slowly in light conditions. Once they reach their desired height, they will survive light conditions without too much trouble.

The rubber plant is quite slow, sometimes a little tolerant. They like moist soil but prefer it to dry out a bit before the next watering.

) is known for its hard-to-kill nature, suitable for both beginner gardeners and forgetful parents. Although they like lots of sunlight, dragon trees can still thrive in the darkest corners of your home. They will grow slowly, but surely they will grow.

Dragon trees are a stunning addition to any space. The narrow, blade-like leaves are red or purple, depending on the variety, and add a sharp pop of color to your home.

Best Indoor Trees To Grow In Your Home

These trees are very easy to care for, they only need water when the soil is completely dry.

The only thing the dragon tree cannot tolerate is cold and dry air. It is best to protect the dragon tree from the wind or a ventilated window, otherwise you will see brown or yellow leaves.

Dragon tree is poisonous to cats and dogs, so keep curious paws and noses away from them.

Trees That Need Little Sunlight

Sill offers this beautiful large dragon tree if you want to add this plant to your collection.

How To Care For A Money Tree: Water, Sun, & Other Requirements

) is a smaller tree, but the clustered leaves make up for the shortness. The lady’s palm fits perfectly in the corner with the bright green leaves filling any available space.

Once established, lady palms can be drought tolerant, but don’t take this plant for granted. They will grow best with regular water and fertilizer. In summer and spring, female palms need water as soon as the top layer of soil dries out.

These warmer months also require a monthly supply of houseplant fertilizer. Female palms do not need fertilizer during the cold months and need less water.

In addition, lady palms are easy to care for, requiring only occasional pruning to maintain their shape or to remove dead leaves.

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) often comes to mind first when thinking about indoor trees. Their history as houseplants dates back to the Victorian era when they were kept as ornamental plants. They have maintained their popularity and are often grown for the first home garden.

Parlor palms add to the summer season anywhere with tropical leaves and bamboo stems. Adding to the popularity of this lovely plant is its ease of care.

They adapt quickly at home, learning to thrive in low living conditions. Once established, they will also tolerate neglect.

Trees That Need Little Sunlight

Parlor palms are relatively drought tolerant, recovering quickly after a few days without water. Like most indoor plants, wet soil should be avoided at all costs or rot may develop.

Tree Planting ‘has Mind Blowing Potential’ To Tackle Climate Crisis

Also, the parlor palm cannot tolerate dry or cold air, it prefers hot and humid temperatures. You can easily increase the humidity in your home by using a humidifier. It is also a good idea to remove palm trees in your room from ventilation, air-conditioned windows, and radiators during the winter, which emit dry air.

If you want to bring this tree indoors, The Sill has some beautiful palms for sale here.

It is safe to say that there is no collection of indoor trees without ficus. The Ficus Alii (

), or banana leaf ficus as it is more commonly known, is a new tree on the houseplant market and a must-have for ficus collectors.

Lighting For Indoor Plants And Starting Seeds

The banana leaf ficus has long, sword-like leaves that sprout red and eventually turn deep green.

Like other ficuses, the banana leaf ficus adds a tropical touch to your home. Falling leaves also soften a room, while still adding interesting color. This unique plant can be styled and customized to match the aesthetic of your home design.

Ficus Alii is smaller than other members of the ficus family. They don’t shed leaves easily when faced with an imperfect environment, happily thriving in low living conditions.

Trees That Need Little Sunlight

These plants are selected for only one thing: water. Ficus Alii needs plenty of water and consistently moist soil to really thrive.

Low Light Indoor Plants — Low Light Houseplants

Family, long, thin leaves growing up from thick stems, like corn or palm. For this reason, they are also called “false eggs”.

The broad yellow stripe down the middle makes the leaves even more striking. Like palms, the corn plant sheds its lower leaves, exposing the thick, thick stems that help this plant grow.

Corn plants are not difficult, they need a little light to grow. Too much sunlight will burn the leaves and may eventually stunt growth.

For healthy corn, plant in well-drained soil and keep it moist. They also work best in high humidity environments, but these conditions can easily be restored by using a humidifier.

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The only downside to corn is that it is poisonous to dogs and cats, causing severe symptoms if any part of the plant is ingested.

) is probably the most popular house tree, competing with the palm. Its large, dark green, violin-shaped leaves make a striking statement anywhere, especially indoors.

They complement most interior design styles, from bohemian to modern. The fiddle leaf fig is a fast grower and, given proper care, will quickly grow to over six feet tall.

Trees That Need Little Sunlight

The fiddle leaf fig does not require, if the light is full. Unfortunately, this means that it is not the plant for dark and shady corners because it needs bright indirect light every year to thrive. In low light, the leaves can turn yellow and fall off, spoiling the bush, full of the famous form of this tree.

Hard To Kill Plants That Don’t Need Much Sunlight

Ash-leaf figs also need to be rotated every few weeks so that every inch of the plant gets a little light. They also benefit from occasional cleaning because the large leaves get a lot of dust.

The bird of paradise is not only famous for its tropical appearance and striking orange flowers, but also for its relatively easy-going nature.

Will not perform well in low light conditions. They need plenty of direct sunlight to thrive and maintain their rapid growth. These plants are also very thirsty, needing constant water and moist soil.

The banana tree is the ultimate plant for your indoor tropical paradise. Its large, variegated leaves create a better jungle environment than most and can easily fill any empty space in your home. This is why bananas are a popular houseplant, even though they don’t grow well indoors.

Low Light Indoor Trees

Banana trees need at least six hours of direct sunlight outdoors to thrive. The quality of indoor light is often not strong enough to support the healthy growth of these plants. They are also very thirsty, need frequent and deep water and high humidity.

You can easily increase the humidity in your home with a humidifier. You can also keep the soil moist by mulching around the base of the tree. But, even with bright light near a window, the banana tree may need to be moved outside to get the sun it needs to thrive.

This beautiful plant, with its elegant stems and drooping leaves, really needs full sun,

Trees That Need Little Sunlight

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