Where Can I Buy A Bonsai Tree

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Juniper Bonsai Tree LIVE 3-4 year old Juniper Procumbens ‘Nana’ | Glazed Ceramic Indoor Garden Houseplants Bonsai Plants Home Decor Gift

Where Can I Buy A Bonsai Tree

Where Can I Buy A Bonsai Tree

December 06-16. The estimated delivery date is based on your purchase date, the recipient’s location (actual or estimated), the seller’s processing time and location, and the delivery company. Other factors – such as delivery company delays or ordering on a weekend/bank holiday – may cause your item to arrive later than this date. Learn more

Beginner Friendly Bonsai Plants

Juniper procumbens is a dwarf Japanese juniper with bright green growth that turns slightly blue with age. Technically a shrub, this trained bonsai tree is sought after by houseplant enthusiasts everywhere. The tree most people think of when they think of bonsai is Juniper procumbens! Trouble-free and easy to care for, Juniper procumbens ‘Nana’ is a very popular and well-adapted houseplant, making a great starter bonsai tree.

These bonsai trees have been trained in a few essential styles and are now ready for your creative input! Most plants are “windblown” as seen in many photos, but they can be “cascade” or “straight” and other unique styles. Don’t hesitate to request it in your order notes!

All trees come topped with a fine decorative gravel (premium red lava rock) and an accent mineral (usually fossil rock or snowflake/firework obsidian). Accent minerals are not only beautiful, but also useful for checking bottom soil moisture without disturbing the potting medium. Fossil rocks are sedimentary minerals containing the preserved remains of plants and animals (not necessarily animals). Snowflakes and crackers are relatively rare forms of obsidian volcanic glass and show interesting patterns ranging from white to red. They are a type of obsidian that forms when volcanic lava cools more slowly than normal, forming needle-shaped cristobalite, a type of quartz crystal. Some collectors believe that these minerals have healing, calming and soothing spiritual properties. The fossil rock is not pictured above, however it is aesthetically similar to obsidian.

These juniper bonsai come in your traditional glazed ceramic bonsai pot, each measuring approximately 5x4x2. The pot colors rotate so only the colors in the drop down menu are currently available, however the “Surprise!” Utensils will not be included in the option. It is in the picture. list. These pots are handmade so please allow slight color variations. We offer our pre-untrained bonsai plants in 4″ nursery pots* *Choose your own pots at home if you have a top dressing or accent mineral* or how you want to train. A tree is your own artistic vision. You can find them here – https:///listing/969679584/

Yoerm Small Artificial Bonsai Tree Desk Decor Fake Plants, Tall 8.5

💧 For a happier and healthier plant, we strongly recommend using a humidity tray. As seen in photos #1 and #9, our 6.5×4.75″ Polymer Humidifier Discs are pearl black and come in the shape of river pebbles. Humidifier discs must be filled with water regularly. Evaporation increases water. Acceleration of pebbles. By increasing evaporation rate, more effective. Creating an arrangement Humidity trays are useful for drainage when watering your new bonsai plant!

🧪 Add Commercial Grade Bonsai Fertilizer Cubes directly from this listing to save $6 off our standard price! Natural/Organic Bonsai Fertilizers promote the growth of symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi resulting in healthier bonsai plants – our fertilizers are actually inoculated with mycorrhizal propagules! Chemical fertilizers kill the beneficial bacteria, fungi and insects that keep bonsai trees thriving. 4-4-4 NPK formulation, 5oz bag.

This bonsai plant does best at 60 to 75 degrees, but is hardy down to 15°F, and can handle -30°F transit without issue. We guarantee live presence throughout the year.

Where Can I Buy A Bonsai Tree

Estimated Arrival Estimated delivery date is based on your purchase date, recipient’s location (actual or estimated), seller’s processing time and location, and delivery company. Other factors – such as delivery company delays or ordering on a weekend/bank holiday – may cause your item to arrive later than this date. Learn more

How To Grow Your First Bonsai

Purchase Protection: Shop with confidence if something goes wrong with an order, we’ve got your back for all eligible purchases — see program terms

As long as the forecast at your destination shows temperatures above 40°F for the time your plants are in transit, we guarantee the plants will survive. Part of what makes Bombotany a premier tropical seller is that we handle cold/warm weather shipments for you and automatically handle insulated/warm packages for up to 5 days.

Although we have had success delivering plants down to 0°F, we do not guarantee packages if the forecast at your destination is below 40°F. Keepers for pickup can keep things safe in cold weather – keep scrolling, we’ll explain more below!

Arrive within 72 hours with photo of item and box. We are happy to help facilitate damage claims with third party carriers. In most cases we are able to resolve mechanical/physical damage disputes in your favor. Damage caused by hot/cold temperatures will not be covered by third party carriers, but we will work with you to the best of our ability to ensure you are satisfied with your order. Immediate proof of damage is mandatory. There is no way to verify liability for damage beyond 72 hours – from Bombotny, the recipient or the third party carrier.

Our 3 Step Guide To Bonsai Gardening And Keeping Your Plant Alive

By replacing plants, pots or potting media customers assume responsibility for the plant’s welfare and possible future returns/replacements.

Yes! If you place multiple orders to the same address, we will often combine all pending orders into one package. We sometimes ship multiple pieces depending on the size, quantity and weight of the items ordered.

Do you offer express postage? I’m worried about my plants spending too much time in transition – what can I do?

Where Can I Buy A Bonsai Tree

We include 1-5 day postage with every order, but if you want to be sure your plant will adventure the journey safely, please consider upgrading shipping at checkout – especially if you live on the West Coast, delays may occur. Your plant is sitting in the cold room over the weekend. Not available for Alaska and Hawaii – please contact us for express options.

Red Cedar Bonsai

We have partnered with several carriers to provide fast delivery at affordable prices. If our default options don’t work for you, feel free to contact us for a 1 or 2 day postage quote.

If you live east of (or near) the Mississippi River, your package will arrive in 1-3 days with our free shipping method.

We ship using fast methods and strong boxes, pads and insulating packages and include heat packing for up to 5 days at no extra cost to you. We are professional plant packers with a 98% success rate (see our rave reviews), but due to the nature of direct plant and third-party carrier shipping, we cannot guarantee any flowers or pods. There will be continuous arrival. You’re sure to get a vibrant, happy, healthy, collectible plant – we guarantee it.

Mechanical breakdowns during transit fall under third-party carrier liability. If the box has been mishandled we will happily assist you with the damage claim process – “What if my plants or items are damaged?” see above

Bonsai Trees (ficus)

In the case of package theft, we are happy to help facilitate investigations and claims with the carrier, but if they believe the package was properly delivered, there is nothing we can do. Avoid lobbying by asking us to place your order at a nearby location for pickup—we’ll pay you for the service at no extra charge.

Most parcel carriers can place incoming orders for pickup at a local office or partner store (usually less than 15 minutes away). This is usually a paid service, but we’re committed to taking care of all cold weather shipping logistics for you, so we foot the bill*. The most weather damage occurs during the last few miles of transit on the delivery truck or shortly after delivery to your front porch. Temperatures below 40°F or above 100°F drastically reduce the chance of weather damage to plants during transition. Packages are stolen after the seller and carrier are absolved of liability – keeping the packages eliminates that possibility. Send us a note with your order!

The short answer is yes, but…we delay shipments to avoid extreme weather, known carrier supply holds, and weekend transits. If this happens, we will ship faster than the advertised postage rate *and, if your order arrives at the end of the advertised delivery window, we will not notify you*. Shipping live plants to temperate climates is a dynamic process and we use our commercial discretion to determine the transit method/ship date. For these reasons, the “order ships” forecast may be incorrect, but the “delivered!” estimate

Where Can I Buy A Bonsai Tree

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