Where To Buy A Bonsai Tree Near Me

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Juniper Bonsai Tree LIVE 3-4 Years Juniper Procumbens ‘Nana’ | Bonzai plant, glazed ceramic, gift for indoor garden decoration

Where To Buy A Bonsai Tree Near Me

Where To Buy A Bonsai Tree Near Me

December 06-16 Estimated delivery date depends on date of purchase, location of recipient (actual or intended), time and place of processing by seller and shipping company. Other factors, such as shipping company delays or placing your order on weekends/holidays, may delay your item beyond this date. learn more

Growing A Bonsai Tree

Juniper Procumbens is a dwarf Japanese juniper with bright green color that turns slightly bluish as it grows. Technically a shrub, this trained bonsai tree is sought after by houseplant enthusiasts worldwide. Juniper Procumbens is the tree that most people think of when they think of bonsai! The easy-care Juniper Procumbens ‘Nana’ is a very popular and well-adapted houseplant, an ideal bonsai for beginners.

These bonsai trees have been prepared in several basic styles and are now ready for your creative input! Most trees will be “winding” as seen in most photos, but they can also be “cascading”, “vertical” and other unique styles. Feel free to make requests in the order notes!

All trees are dressed with fine decorative gravel (high quality red lava rock) and an accent mineral (usually Fossil Rock or Snowflake/Firework Obsidian). Accent minerals aren’t just pretty, they’re also useful for controlling soil moisture below without disturbing the potting medium. Fossilized rock is a sedimentary mineral with traces of preserved plants and animals (the creatures are not necessarily visible). Snowflake and firework obsidian are relatively rare forms of volcanic glass that exhibit interesting patterns from white to red. They are a variety of obsidian that forms when volcanic lava cools more slowly than normal, allowing it to form acicular cristobalite, a type of quartz crystal. Some collectors believe that these minerals have healing, calming and spiritual properties. Fossil Rock is not pictured above, however it is similar in aesthetic to Obsidian.

These juniper bonsai are available in traditional glazed ceramic bonsai pots, each approximately 5x4x2″. Pot colors change, so only the colors in the drop-down menu are currently available, however Surprise Me! may include pots not pictured in this listing .Please note slight differences in color as these pots are handmade.We also offer our unprepared bonsai plants in 4″ nursery pots *does not come with fertilizer or mineral accent* if you have your own pot at home or have your own artistic vision of how you would like to train the tree.You can find them here – https:///listing/969679584/

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💧 To make the plant even happier and healthier, we strongly recommend using a humidity tray. The 6.5″x4.75″ polymer moisture trays, as seen in photos #1 and #9, are pearl black and come with the perfect amount of river pebbles. Moisture-containing pallets are designed for regular filling with water. Evaporating water increases the ambient moisture in your tree’s foliage. Using river pebbles accelerates the rate of evaporation, making the setup even more efficient. Moisture trays are also useful for collecting runoff when you water your new bonsai friend!

🧪 Add Professional Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets directly from this listing to save $6 off our regular prices! Natural/Organic Bonsai Fertilizer promotes the growth of symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi resulting in healthier bonsai trees – our fertilizer is actually mycorrhizal inoculated! Chemical fertilizers kill the beneficial bacteria, fungi and insects that make bonsai trees flourish. Formula 4-4-4 NPK, 5 oz bag.

This bonsai plant does best in temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees, but is also hardy to 15°F and can withstand -30°F during transport without issue. We guarantee live arrivals all year round.

Where To Buy A Bonsai Tree Near Me

Estimated Arrival The estimated delivery date is based on the date of purchase, the recipient’s location (actual or estimated), the time and place of handling by the seller and the shipping company. Other factors, such as shipping company delays or placing your order on weekends/holidays, may delay your item beyond this date. learn more

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Purchase Protection: Shop with confidence knowing that if something goes wrong with your order, we’ll back you up for all applicable purchases – see program terms

As long as the forecast at your destination shows temperatures ABOVE 40°F when your plants are in transit, we guarantee that the plants will arrive alive. Part of what makes Bombotany the most popular tropical retailer is that we ship for you in cold and hot weather and automatically insulate heat packs for up to 5 days.

Although we are successful in shipping live plants down to 0°F, we do NOT guarantee a package if the forecast shows that the temperature at the destination is below 40°F. Holding on for pickup can make things a lot safer in cold weather – keep scrolling, we’ll explain more below!

Please contact within 72 hours with photos of items and box. We are happy to help process third party carrier claims. In most cases, we can resolve mechanical/physical damage disputes in your favor. Damage from high/low temperatures will not be covered by third party carriers, but we will always work with you to the best of our ability to ensure you are happy with your order. Timely confirmation of damages is mandatory. For more than 72 hours, there is no way to verify liability for damage caused by Bombotany, the recipient or a third party.

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When exchanging plants, pots or potting materials, customers assume responsibility for the plant’s welfare and void the possibility of future returns/exchanges.

Yes! If you place multiple orders to the same address, we will likely combine all outstanding orders into one package. Sometimes we send multiple shipments depending on the quantity, size and weight of the items ordered.

Do you offer postage? My concern is that my plants are spending too much time on the road – what can I do?

Where To Buy A Bonsai Tree Near Me

We include 1-5 days postage on every order, but if you want to be absolutely sure that your plant will make it through the trip unscathed, consider adding shipping at checkout – especially if you live on the West Coast, where any delays are possible away from your the plant is in cold storage over the weekend. Not available for Alaska and Hawaii – contact us for express options.

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We work with many carriers to offer fast shipping at affordable prices. If our default options don’t work for you, feel free to ask for a 1-2 day shipping quote.

If you live east of (or near) the Mississippi River, your package will most likely arrive in 1-3 days with free shipping.

We ship by fast methods and in strong boxes, soft and insulated bags and include heat packs for up to 5 days at no extra charge to you. We are professional plant packers with a 98% success rate (just check out our great reviews) but due to the nature of live plants and third party shipping, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE that any flower or pin will arrive intact. YOU CAN be sure you’ll get a vibrant, happy, healthy collectible plant – we guarantee it.

The third party carrier is responsible for mechanical breakdowns during transportation. We are happy to help you with the claims process if the box has been mishandled – see What if my plants or items are damaged? above.

Can Any Tree Be A Bonsai Tree?

If a package is stolen, we will be happy to assist the carrier with inquiries and claims, but if they consider the package to have been properly delivered, there is nothing we can do. Avoid driveway theft by asking us to drop off your order for pick-up at a nearby location – we’ll pay for the service at no extra cost to you.

Most parcel carriers can hold an inbound order for collection at a local office or partner store (usually less than 15 minutes from you). This is usually a paid service, but we’re really committed to taking care of the cold weather shipping logistics for you, so we’ll *pay the bills*. Most weather damage occurs during the final miles of transport on the truck or on your front porch shortly after delivery. The pickup delay dramatically reduces the chance of plant damage during shipping below 40°F or above 100°F. The theft of the parcel occurs after the seller and the carrier are released from responsibility – possession of the parcel excludes this possibility. Just send us a note with your order!

Short answer: YES, BUT… We occasionally delay shipping to avoid extreme weather conditions, delays by well-known logistics companies, and weekend transit. If this happens, it will ship faster than advertised *and if your order still reaches the end of the advertised shipping window, we will NOT notify you*. Shipping live plants to temperate climates is a dynamic process and we use our professional judgment when deciding on shipping method/shipping date. For these reasons, the “Delivery Order” rating may be inaccurate, but the “Delivery!” assessment

Where To Buy A Bonsai Tree Near Me

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